Inspiron 530 No boot device installed


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Inspiron 530 No boot device installed

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When booting, I get the black screen showing "No boot device installed."  It shows the two SATA hard disks as installed as well as the CD-ROM drive, but won't boot from SATA0.

However, if I go to the boot options screen (F12) during startup, and select the SATA0 drive, it will boot successfully.

I've had other issues with the system being very slow and unresponsive, so I backed everything up and did a clean reinstall and reimage of Windows (Vista 64-bit).  But I'm still getting the "No boot device installed" message at startup.

Things I'm considering based on other searches I've done:

  • Doublecheck the Boot Priorities in the BIOS (I've checked it, and am 99% certain that SATA0 is the first priority, but will confirm).
  • Open up the case and check that the SATA cables are all firmly seated (seems unlikely to be the problem, since the machine actually boots from SATA0 if forced to).
  • Reset the BIOS (open up the case and pull the BIOS battery).
  • Upgrade the BIOS (I'm on version 1.0.16 and see that there's a 1.0.18 available).
Is there anything else anyone can think of that could explain this problem?
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