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SATA/PATA interface Dell Dimension 4600


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SATA/PATA interface Dell Dimension 4600

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I want to connect a blue ray recorder (data storage, not video playback) to the Dell Dimension 4600. The blue ray recorder features a modern SATA interface.

Dell Dimension 4600 offers PATA interfaces and two 7-pin SATA interfaces. Which interface could or should I use to connect the blue ray recorder? The 7-pin SATA interface or the PATA interface with an adapter? Are there inappropiate consequences of such an adapter?

Thank you for responses.

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  • In many cases the adapters do not work.  Use one of the unused SATA interfaces.  

    You may want to just install that BluRay drive in an external SATA enclosure and connect it to the PC via USB.  

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  • The 4600 has two 5.25-inch device bays, and I suggest you install a 5.25 Blu-ray burner in one of them and connect it to one of the two SATA ports. If you don't have a free SATA port, you can add a third party SATA card like the Syba 150R.

    There are no PATA Blu-ray drives and I suggest you do not use a PATA-to-SATA adapter.

  • Are the built-in 7-pin SATA interfaces of  the Dell Dimension 4600 compatible with the SATA interfaces of modern blue ray recorders?

  • They certainly are.