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Dell Inspiron one 2205 hard drive fix?


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Dell Inspiron one 2205 hard drive fix?

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Ok i have this particular unit I have had it less than a month already the hard drive has crashed, a technician came and installed a new one and within a day the same problems started happening after a few minutes use it would either freeze or give the blue screen of death, when this happens it won't recognize operating system and tests will show disk drive is messed up basically, if i let it sit for a few hours I can get back on and it will recognize operating system and hard drive will be good, I'm wondering if anybody has figured out a fix for this problem because from what I see on the computer reviews a LOT of people have the same problem and I fear Dell will just keep trying to fix hard drive or by a miracle I would get a new unit it will probably have the same anybody figured it out yet?

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  • Try running the Dell diagnostics. Tap the F12 key at the Dell splash screen and run the full tests. I have suspicion that it is a heat related issue with either your video card or possibly the ram.

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  • Hi Smoove82,

    I've seen a recent post pertaining to these systems where the SATA cable, not the drive, was the culprit. Please do not rule out that as a cause.

  • ran dell diagnostics, everything passed then couldn't get on windows, let it sit for a while took cover off looked at fan everything looked fine no dust or anything blocking it (it is a new unit afterall) i downloaded speedfan program and i updated graphics card driver, for a moment all was well it ran pretty good longer than it has been running but eventually it crashed only difference is that this time i was able to get right back onto windows without having to wait for about 30mins to an hour, so still seems to freeze on youtube stuff

  • looks like it was because PC was getting too hot it seems to be working fine for people who have this unit and have been having problems i think the fan is too small to maintain cooling of the PC and that leads to all of the hard drive trouble, invest in another kind of cooling device and try to keep PC in well ventilated area where it can get good air flow and hopefully this helps the rest of u guys, I will update if this didn't fix but for now it's running good it hasn't ran like this since the 1st 2 weeks I bought it and had 1st error which just made everything go down hill 

  • Interesting although having a hot running video card can lead to your symptoms. Since you do have a new system Perhaps your fan is not really running well. I would suggest a call to Dell to see about at least a replacement fan.

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  • yeah maybe so, i would get on chat with dell but i don't have that option anymore for whatever reason and they told me to write em an e-mail to see if what they had did helped and when it didnt i wrote em and they were supposed to contact me back but they never did so that's why i just tried to figure out what was makin hard drive have so much trouble so i'm not really messin with Dell, I'm going to try to get some kind of external fan setup just to cool it a little more

  • it's been a while since I wrote in here, BUT no the fan stuff didn't work since I posted this I think I have had hard drive and Sata cable replaced, THEN after more hard drive issues had a mother board and hard drive put in it and that worked for about 3 to 4 weeks then one day went back to the same thing, Dell told me they would replace unit if I had anymore trouble but when I called today they said they were gonna replace same parts again, smh. So I expect to have same troubles until my warranty runs out, any computer Wiz out there figured out the 2205 fix yet? I think my only hope is to sell it on ebay and get somethin else

  • Hi. I have 8 of Dell Inspirion One 2205 in the office since Aug. 2011.

    1st of them had HDD crash in 1 month of normal work (in Sep. 2011). Guys from service changed my Seagate HDD on another Seagate HDD, and since repair it was ok for 1 more month. After that - again bad HDD. Bios do not see the HDD. Powering down PC, waiting for 5-10 min. Powering up and after that for a few minutes its operating normaly, then - BSOD and again no HDD...

    2nd of 8 pc`s  crashed few weeks ago(on a 3rd of May) same problem, same diagnos. I have changed by my self HDD from Seagate for WD Scorpio Blue 2,5" 250Gb (WD2500BEVT). Works perfect for now.

    Remainig 6 Dell 2205 stil works normaly.

    All of 2205 was in the same conditions of use, had the same work time per day(month).

    Right now im testing the 2205 with WD HDD and if i`ll have any good/bad news - i`ll write them here.

    p.s.: IMHO problem with the Seagate HDD`s or Sata Controller.

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  • I had to call customer service multiple times and 1st they came change hard drive then changed dard drive and sata wire then changed motherboard on a different occasion, every time a technician came i sat in another room because i didnt want to crowd them, finally last time I sat in room with the guy and i watched him change hard drive and test it and my computer wasn't working so he got the rest of the parts out of the van and changed the sata wire and motherboard as well and it's been working fine since then (knock on wood) 

  • Oh. I forget to write down that before Inspirion One 2205 i had another Dell Product - Dell XPS 1330. And i also had the same promblems with that notebook. Bad cooling system!!!! My previous xps 1330 had pdoblems with overheating...

    I live in Ukraine and my service center is working not so good as in Europe(they usualy dont have parts, or they make repair with used parts while my warranty therms runs out).  So i have to manage all the repairs by my self or... forget about 6900$ (8 pc`s *860$ each) that my company spend on Dell products!

    As a result - i wanted to buy an alienware m18x and right now im having a doubt on a idea to buy another Dell product!

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  • i kinda thought it might be a heat related issue because the pc does get real hot, i didn't do any cooling work to mine since it has been looked at and repaired multiple times by dell technician it's finally running okay, i wish i had a clear answer because seems like a lot of ppl have problems online with this computer, BUT when the technician came he said he never gets call on THIS certain PC it's supposed to be a good one so IDK, maybe he was just saying that because I see Dell doesn't even really sell these anymore maybe it was a flawed design

  • I'm glad that someone else is having the same issues as me with the same computer, if for no other reason that I know someone else knows how miserable this situation is, and that I'm not crazy. Had a nice hour long combo with dell today about this. Have had hard drive replaced twice already, motherboard replaced once (which seemed to fix it for about 2 weeks, then it went back to "normal" :P). Bought in Oct 2011 for my small business, first issues started the following June, first hard drive replacement was in July. I haven't had the desire to fix it this latest time, so I have just been using my iPad - sad that that has more competent computing capabilities right now!! I am going out and buying a new computer this week - cant take it anymore!! Can't wait to take a baseball bat to this hunk of junk. And then possibly run it over with my car for good measure! PS: my CD-ROM drive also broke two weeks after purchasing the computer. Have had to lug it to best buy geek squad any time I need a new program installed (which isn't often, but still! Ridiculous!)
  • Hi Istedman,

    Sorry to hear about that.