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OSD or osd.exe

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Why is it so hard to find a place to ask a question?  What is "osd.exe" and what does it do?  Do I really need this running all the time on my Inspiron One 2305?

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  • Wouldn't it have been faster to just type "osd.exe" into your favorite Web search engine?

  • It's a "tray application" called Onscreen Display, used by some OEMs (like Dell) for display multimedia (sound, keyboard, etc.) controls on the screen.

    Whether you need it or not depends on whether you use the functionality. It sounds like you don't.

  • @SDirickson - answers like this makes me wonder how worthwhile the dell forums are any more.  see below for an answer that may be of benefit.  of course it would have been faster, but most dell owners prefer to get answers from those more knowledgeable about the product they own instead of a spinwheel of off-the-wall comments.  that's why we take the extra time to come here to the forums provided by the manufacturer.  often, the response is positive and productive, even maybe leading to a usable answer/solution.

  • Hi Mike,

    I think you'll find the veteran members of the forum take a different approach. At least I hope we do.

  • Overlooking the value of going back and slagging on a posting from 11 months ago, I guess it's a work-ethic thing, or maybe the "teach a man to fish" situation. Providing positive reinforcement to "please give me the answer to a question I can't be bothered to try to answer myself" is, in my mind, a loss all around: the poster is then even less likely to try to learn how to answer their own questions, someone wastes his/her time answering an obvious question, and the forum gets another zero-value posting.

  • I think we're getting a bit off track here, so....