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Dell Dimension 2400 - Restore to factory settings


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Dell Dimension 2400 - Restore to factory settings

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Hi. I have the 'above' desktop surplus to requirements. I wish to restore the factory settings, however, the disks that came with the PC only seem to be for reinstalling the software etc and this makes me a little nervous incase I screw up. What is the best way to do this safely?



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  • You can't restore to factory settings by using PC Restore unless you have the Recovery Partition intact--doubtful on an old computer. You should do a manual install.

  • I have tried putting the Windows installation disc into the drive to load on boot up, but drive doesnt seem to 'autoplay' the disc. How can I boot straight up from the disc? Is that what I should start with?

  • johnmac72

    See if THIS can help, scroll down to 'Configuring Your Computer To Boot To The CD Drive'.



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