Compatible Graphics Card for my Inspiron 530?


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Compatible Graphics Card for my Inspiron 530?

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Hey :)

I am not entirely sure if this is the right form but anyway, I'm looking for a Compatible Graphics Card for my pc, an Inspiron 530 which I have had for 4 or 3 years.

I have seen a Nvidia Geforce GT 220, and wondered if that was compatible because I need a graphics card that can play Sims 3 and all its EP's and SP's as well as the Harry Potter games and that card is in both their system requirments.  The card would must be used for gaming.

So basically, my questions are;

Is Inspiron 530 compatible with Nvidia Geforce GT 220?

Are there better graphics cards that are compatible with my Inspiron 530 and Sims 3 and The Harry Potter games?

And if I were to get it, would I need someone to fit it for me?

Thank you,


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