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Dell 4700 Will Not Post After CPU Upgrade


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Dell 4700 Will Not Post After CPU Upgrade

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Trying to determine if a recent CPU I purchased is defective or if there is a compatibility issue.  The problem is that after I installed the new CPU the left, case light was solid amber (indicating power issue) and the system would not boot (not even post).  The system has a 500 watt power supply and the upgrade CPU does not indicate that it requires additional power (in fact it should require less).

Read several posts, including this one which identifies the CPU that I purchased as an upgrade to the Pentium that came with the system.   According to the last post in the above referenced thread the A10 BIOS that was flashed to my system long ago supports the Pentium with a cpuid of 0F62 (n.b., my SL94V is 0F62h, I don't know if the h makes any difference).  My understanding is that Dell's position of cpu upgrades (in it they indicate that the 570 is top upgrade)  predates the release of the A10.  Additionally, Dell's description of the A10 BIOS states that it supports additional cpus but does not list them. 

The seller of the CPU states that unit tested good before he shipped, that he has sold thousands of CPUs, and the defect rate is very low.

In closing, I have three questions.  First, is the list of CPUs supported by the A10 BIOS listed in the first post accurate?  If yes, would the variation of the "h" referenced above sufficient to cause the boot problem?  Has anyone successfully upgraded a 4700 (A10 BIOS) with a Pentium 4 661 SL94V?

Thanks in advance! 


Dimension 4700
Pentium 4 530 3Ghz, 800FSB
Chipset 915G (controllers 82915G/P; ICH6)
XP SP3 Home
2 GB Unbuffered DDR2

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  • Diehard4700

    As far as I know, the P-4 661 SL94V, is not supported by the Dimension 4700.

    You can upgrade to any Socket LGA775, 5xx, 6x0 or 6x2 processor, with 90nm architecture, but not the 6x1 processors.

    As you have noted, the largest processor supported is the Intel P-4 570 3.8 GHz, 800 MHz FSB




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