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Upgrading Dell Dimension E521 to Windows 7


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Upgrading Dell Dimension E521 to Windows 7

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I am working on a Dimension E521 32-bit Windows XP machine and I am trying to upgrade to Windows 7.  I chose Custom Install from an upgrade disc.  Once the computer rebooted it got to the Windows splash screen and stayed there for about 10 minutes.   I then got the following BSOD.

0x0000007b (0x80786B58, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000).  There is no other useful information on the BSOD.

I have scoured the internet and found that this could be the hard drive controller or the drive itself.  Dell's site does not list this model as being Windows 7 compatible even though Upgrade Advisor passes the system specs.

System has a AMD 64 3200 Processor, and 4GB of RAM.

Any and all help is appreciated.

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  • I'm sure your Dell is 7-compatible ... it may be a BIOS setting (relating to the hard drive controller) that's the problem.

  • ComSoITTravis,

    I am not sure about the error, but, we only validated XP and Vista on the E521. We do not have any Win7 drivers for the E521.

  • Chris, as Dells use standard chipsets, the drivers are available. Some specialized peripherals like modems and NICs may not be, but they can be bypassed with add-on hardware.

  • STOP "0x0000007b (0x80786B58, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)" is very specific.

    It means you have Set AHCI and you must set ATA to install the os then install chipset and switch to AHCI after installing F6 drivers.

    INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE - code : 0x0000007B

    Error message when you start a Windows 7 or Windows Vista-based computer 

    SATA mode of the boot drive:


    During the Windows 7 or Windows Vista installation process, any unused storage drivers are disabled. This behavior speeds up the operating system's startup process. When you change the boot drive to a driver that has been disabled, you must enable the new driver before you change the hardware configuration.

    For example, assume that you install Windows Vista or Windows 7 on a computer that contains a controller that uses the Pciide.sys driver. Later, you change the SATA mode to AHCI. Therefore, the drive must now load the Msahci.sys driver. However, you must enable the Msahci.sys driver before you make this change.

    This issue affects only the boot drive. If the drive that you change is not the boot drive, you do not experience this issue.

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  • In place upgrades to Windows 7 are often unreliable.  Back you your data, then boot form the Windows 7 DVD and install from scratch, deleting the original partition and then adding it back and quick formatting the drive.  This should aviod the problem of the upgrade script trying to use your old drivers.

  • The directions for installing with a format (necessary for Windows XP) are at the Windows 7 site under Custom install with formatting Here-- windows.microsoft.com/.../Installing-and-reinstalling-Windows-7

  • XGempler

    In place upgrades to Windows 7 are often unreliable.  Back you your data, then boot form the Windows 7 DVD and install from scratch, deleting the original partition and then adding it back and quick formatting the drive.  This should aviod the problem of the upgrade script trying to use your old drivers.

    I've upgraded several old PCs to Windows 7, including a 2350, and I've never had to reformat a partition. I suspect that the OP's problems are due to BIOS settings and that Speedstep's tip is the solution.

    I can't image why a partition should need reformatting, when Windows 7 will automatically archive any old installation it finds.

  • I tried to look for Speedstep's suggestion before I posted the question, however, that option is not available in the BIOS.  I tried to update the BIOS via Dell's website, but I got an error when trying to install stating the OS version was wrong and the update couldn't be installed.

    In fact, none of the driver updates for the E521 wanted to work which I thought was odd.  I think my next step is to format the drive as XGempler suggested.  

  • I ran a "repair" install on an XP installation on a 2350 Friday night and it BSOD'd because it couldn't find drivers for the hard drive adapter. I reran the install with the drivers provided (via F6) and the install ran correctly and the machine booted.

    Perhaps this is the issue with your E521?

    If you can't find the drivers, a workaround may be to use a third party SATA adapter for the Windows install, like this: www.newegg.com/.../Product.aspx

    As for updating the BIOS, it's usually done from DOS, and a bootable USB flash drive is good for this purpose. You can format it for booting with this: http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/SoftwareDescription.jsp?swItem=MTX-UNITY-I23839

  • How come i cant browse on internet using my usb-broadband (wiriless) im running on windows 7. wat particular driver should i download or update? please..urgent

  • Look in the Device Manager; if you see your wireless adapter listed as not working properly, you can right-click it, select "Update Driver," and hope that Windows can find it online. If Windows cannot find it online, your only recourse will be to download and install the driver yourself. The best place to look for a driver is the manufacturer's Web site.

  • Im running on windows 7, at the device manager..everthings ok...all hardware are working properly thats why i cant figure out :( 

    where using this one http://www1.smart.com.ph/Bro/products/power

  • Do you have a wireless router or wireless access point configured? If so, have you "attached" to it?

  • yes, exactly! and the wireless access point is configured properly.

    -Last time the dell e521 is running on windows xp (the wireless adapter is working proplery) and

    -We decided to format the pc and install the windows vista and this problem come out, everything we plug-in the device (the wireless adapter software is installed properly)(I dont install any driver or update any driver on device manager since theirs no question mark on any devices) but we cant go online.

    -We tried to plug in the wireless adapter on different pc but different pc brand (not dell)..and its working properly!

    -Now, we installed the windows 7, but samething.. i cant figure out. I dont know what i need to do? do i need to update any driver on the computer? we cant go online. SAD!

  • It won't connect automatically ... you need to choose a connection and attach to it. You should have an icon (a triangle of vertical bars) in your system tray; right click on it and choose a connection.