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GX620 post failure - #'s 1,3, 4


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GX620 post failure - #'s 1,3, 4

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As the title states, I have a Optiplex GX620 Minitower getting a power on failure.

Lights 1,3, and 4 on, power button green, no video output.

I can't find anything on this particular failure.

What I've done so far;

removed all PCI cards, rotated mameory around, disconnected hard drive power cables.

Still failed to get past this error.

Anything you can provide as it relates to the failure and/or failure description is appreciated.

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  • HERE  is the Dell diagnostic light chart in the manual.   There is no 1, 3, 4 combination listed, however 1 is no memory detected and 3/4 is a memory failure.  I would suspect there is some memory problem. 

    Remove all the memory modules except one and try it.  If the same symptom appears, try another memory module (or if you have more than 2, try each one at a time) to see if the symptom changes. Power off the PC to remove the memory modules or install, never do it with the PC powered on.

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  • Done that already, pulled all memory and installed new, it didn't resolve the issue, same error code.

    You are correct, there is no 1, 3, 4 combination listed int he chart, but this is indeed what the Optiplex GX620 is reporting.

  • I am experiencing the same problem, also changed and tried different memory. No success. Have you discovered what this is and a possible solution?

    Been checking forums, with no result.

  • I ended up swapping the motherboard and that resolved the issue.

  • Capacitor on motherboard. Kaputt. Think back to the recalls of 270, 280 and 6xx of a few years ago.