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Problem with driver for Broadcom Virtual Wireless Adapter

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If troubleshoot it says reinstalling might fix the problem, but I cannot find the download online to reinstall, I have looked on the Dell website but couldnot find it there, and I emailed technical supposrt there and they have not replied.

I have a Dell Enspiron One 2310 Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

Can you help me find the link on the Dell website. Dell's downloads are all free.

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  • The support page for the Inspiron One 2310 is here:  Inspiron One 2310 Support Page.

    Occasionally a problem with a given device can be resolved by using the Device Manager to uninstall the device and restarting Windows.  Windows should detect new hardware on the restart and frequently fixes problems as it reinstalls the driver.

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  • Thanks, how do I restart Windows (having a blank/blonde moment)?

  • I can sympathize with that; I began having more of those once I reached my 60's.

    Click on the Start button, select Shutdown, but instead of going with Shutdown click the Icon for Restart.

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