Regarding the Add-in graphics card.


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Regarding the Add-in graphics card.

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good day dell community,,i have a problem in trying to start up my dell optiplex gx620 desktop,so after swichting it on then it gives me a error message stating that system halted!... so the command stating that..

Adding-in graphics card,but the monitor cable is plugged into the intergrated video connector.

To attach the monitor cable to the add-in graphics card.

1.shut down the computer

2.plug the monitor cable into the add-in graphic cord connector(this may requirea video adapter or video adapter cable;provide wiht the system.

these message should not appear after completing this steps..

so what do you think is the real problem for this,,im just suspecting to replace a new add-in graphics card but its an expensive way so any other solutions besides that.

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  • Let me see if I understand what you're saying...

    You installed an add-in video card in the GX620 and moved the monitor cable from the onboard video to the new video card. But when you reboot boot you still get an error telling you to move the cable to the add-in card. Is that correct?

    Do you know the add-in card works? Did you seat it correctly/securely in the slot?

    Reboot and press F2 to open BIOS setup. Look for the Primary Video option and change the setting to make the add-in card the primary video source. Save the change and reboot. Does that fix the problem?

    And remember you'll need to install a driver for the new video card which is probably on a CD that came with the card.

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