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Dell Optiplex 390 Power Supply dying


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Dell Optiplex 390 Power Supply dying

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We got a shipment of 20 Optiplex 390 with i5 CPU in August. So far we have hade three power supplies go dead on us.  Anyone else seeing issues with the Optiplex 390?

The field techs replace the power supply and we are back in business, no power indicator light on the back.

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  • Over voltage surge would blow the fuse in the power supply making it dead.

    Everyone has seen power supply failures. I know of no model no vendor that says we have

    zero power supply failures.  You might want to get a voltage monitor to see whats going on.

    Because power supplies have cooling fans its not a matter of IF they fail its a matter of when.

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  • I agreee, but when the infant mortality rate is higher, it usually points to a bigger problem. And when they are int eh same serial number string, it usualy menas we will see more of them. The sooner the problem is identified, the sooner the fix.

    Such as a batch of units with too low of a setting in the fuze, or some other component that failing.

    I have a voltage monitor, so far all within normal ranges.

  • Yes, we've had a number of them fail and Dell has even told us that they weren't in stock. So yeah.

  • My environment has quite a few of them and None have failed so far.

    Are we talking about PRECISION or Optiplex Model?  They are 2 different things.

    Report Unresolved Customer Service Issues here
    I do not work for Dell. I too am a user.
    The forum is primarily user to user, with Dell employees moderating
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  • Optiplex. All in one shipment to one client. All sequential serail numbers.

    Which makes me suspect a bad batch. None of the replacement power supplies have failed.


  • We received 8 Optiplex 390s, and within a couple of months two power supplies (and/or motherboards) have died - with a pop, and burnt electronics smell.

    Our power supply date codes are in this neighborhood:  M1B091703757

  • We also have a batch of about 20 Optiplex 390s.  Right after my deployment of the machines, within the same week ... 3 have had symptom of PSU failure.  I am unable to complete the repair on the third one as Dell is back-ordered on the PSUs.

    I would assume that these came from the same batch of bad PSUs.

  • My client had a similar issue.  The power supply made a loud pop and then they said they smelled burning.  I was supposed to get my power supply today, but I just received a message that I won't have it until next week.  Just what you want to tell a customer about their computer they bought a month ago.

  • Now the second machine did the same thing.  There is definitely an issue with this model.

  • I have 12 Optiplex 390 and one had to have MB replaced after 4 days of up time and I just had one blue screen on me after installing Office 2007 and another one this morning that seems to have lost all of the data on the hard drive.

    So not seeing a trend and have had no issues with PS, but as a Dell house it is starting to look like the 390 is trying to get a huge jump start on the 520 and 330 Optiplexes.

    Since I got back to the 240's (and still have a few up and running) failures in the newer models seems premature. 



  • We ordered 27 Optiplex 390 just about three weeks ago. Two have already failed. All systems were purchased with NBD service. Come to found out the replacement parts are 'backordered' until after Christmas. I'm sure parts are backordered because these systems have a high failure rate and Dell is scrambling to catch up. Had an opportunity to peek inside these boxes; looks like 100% parts are made in China. China!!! Not exactly known for quality manufacturing. These are Wallmart standard systems; cheap and unreliable. Not meant for business users.

  • They claim (and have been claiming for months now) that there are no known issues with these systems. Now they have no boards for them either apparently as I've been waiting for "Next Business Day Service" on three of these systems for the last 10 days now with no ETA.

  • We ordered 4 new Optiplex 390s in October 2011 and all 4 have had the power supplies die.  One even had a power supply replacement under NBD warranty and it died a week later.  We returned all 4 PCs and just received the 4 replacement boxes.  One died within the first week.  I, too, am told that there is no known issue.  There has got to be something wrong with these parts somewhere though.

  • This is not encouraging. We have quite a few Optiplex 390s. Only thing I've seen so far is one that won't come on all the way. Lights flash, system shuts down. If you keep messing with it (I have disconnected power to the DVD drive and it came up, I have moved the memory module from one socket to the other and it came up...) you can get it to come up. Don't know where to start, but certainly can't deploy it.

  • Sounds like the same issue we've been having that replacing the motherboard corrects. Typically to get them going temporarily I'll pull one of the cables going to the front panel (USB, Audio, etc.) and that will allow it to turn on. Replacing the motherboard seems to correct this issue, however we've now had 3 machines that the problem has repeated on even after the board was replaced (so they've now had 2 round of motherboard replacements) so unless they start correcting the issue with the boards replacing them is only a temporary solution.

    Dell still claims this is not a "known issue" when I last talked to them (a week or two ago).