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Dell Inspiron One 2320 Screen Color Over Saturated


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Dell Inspiron One 2320 Screen Color Over Saturated

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I've just received a new Dell Inspiron One 2320 (, and found that the screen color is very much over saturated when compared to other Dell computers that I've (especially when it comes to primary colour like Red, Green & etc, the color is very much neon look). Those that suppose in normal red has become bright red / neon-red.

Solution tried:

  1. Hardware adjustment / testing:
  1. There's only brightness adjustment button on the computer body (above volume), I can't find other monitor buttons, i.e.: Contrast, Color, Saturation, Hue & etc.
  2. To test my graphic output, I've plug and extend my Inspiron 2320 to another monitor from the VGA out at the back, the color on the 2nd monitor is ok and normal, but the color on built-in still remain very much over saturated.
  3. To test my built in monitor (Inspiron 2320), I use the other computer to plug its VGA out to my Inspiron 2320 VGA in, and found that the screen color on the Inspiron 2320 is normal and not over saturated (means there're no defect of colors projection for my Inspiron 2320 built-in monitor).
  • Software adjustment:-
  1. I've tried using the Intel HD Graphic driver software to adjust the saturation (under Intel HD Graphics software > colour management), but I can only 1. Brightness, 2.Contrast & 3. Gamma' for Red/Green/Blue, no matter how hard I tried, I still unable to get the normal colour.
  2. I've plug and extend my Inspiron 2320 to another monitor, from the 'Intel HD Graphic' software, I can see and adjust 'Hue' & 'Saturation' (where I can find where I select 'Digital Television AIO' (my Inspiron 2320 monitor). I can easy control and adjust the 2nd monitor Hue/Saturation but not my Inspiron 2320 monitor.
Are there hardware / software approach to adjust my Inspiron One 2320 monitor saturation? Please help, I'm really dissapointed with Dell products, as this is not the first time I'm facing 'weird' problem with Dell products. Please help me ASAP. Thank you.
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  • Sorry, there're some mistake. Here's the correction for my 'Software solution tried':-

    Software adjustment:-

    - I've tried using the Intel HD Graphic driver software to adjust my Inspiron 2320 monitor saturation (under Intel HD Graphics software > colour management), but I can only find > 1. Brightness, 2.Contrast & 3. Gamma' for Red/Green/Blue, can't find any 'Saturation' / 'Hue' adjustment. No matter how hard I tried to adjust the Brightness/Contrast/Gamma, I still unable to get the normal colour.

    - I've plug and extend my Inspiron 2320 to another monitor, from the 'Intel HD Graphic' software, I can see and adjust 'Hue' & 'Saturation', but I cannot find if I select 'Digital Television AIO' (my Inspiron 2320 monitor). On the extend 2nd monitor, from the Intel HD graphic software, I can easy control and adjust the 2nd monitor Hue/Saturation but not my Inspiron 2320 monitor.

  • Just to end this post. I've received a confirmation from DELL Tech Supports, saying that the display color is as per what it is and  there're no way to adjust the 'over-saturated' issue. And I'm proceeding to claim refund for this product.

  • @ jimhotmail: Well Jim I think you and I are the only ones that have this peculiar problem. I have searched the entire web and found that you are the only one with this issue. I just received my package yesterday 30th December 2011. I opened the my package and set it up today about 8 hours ago (31 Dec 2011).

    Man, I am so frustrated. I have spent virtually more than a quarter of my New Years eve trying to solve this Color Over Saturation Issue. Now I give up.. I will call them on the 2nd Jan 2012 and hear what they have to say.

    But I think a refund is not the better option. So many people I know who have the Dell 2320 Touch Screen have no issues and have perfect color saturation. REPLACEMENT is the better option here since this is not a common issue.

    So far only two guys in the world have this issue reported; You and I...  I believe It`s Just a FLUKE... just like the Toyota braking issue .. LOL!

    I have 2 Dell mobile devices and 3 Dell PCS and a Dell Laptop. Never had an issue in over 7  years. This will be my first time.

    Dell is the leader now in Desktop PC`s.. I hope you know that ... :)

    I just hope they fix this for us!

    Happy NewYear!

  • We are having the same issue....

    So now there are three of us. 

    Did either of you receive a replacement and was the replacement any better?

  • Well I poke to the Customer Service 2 days ago. They assured me that someone will pick it up in 3 days and they will replace it. If it has the same issue I will exchange it for the non-touch screen version. Most people are telling me that one has got ZERO issues and it is about $200 - $400 cheaper. I only hope they have some in stock.

    However most people are also telling me that they don't have that issue with the Touch Screen that we have. So I guess is one of those flaws in a new technology. You know Dell and HP are 2 of the few hardware companies advancing the desktop-laptop experience. Apple and the rest have all directed their attention to Mobile Devices; it seems.


    In 24 hours Dell support will be here. And 48-72 hours after that I will receieve a new one. I will let you guys know.

    Apart from this issue I love this PC. I can practically travel with it and work on my websites since most laptops have low specs to accomplish my heavy web and graphic design projects.

  • Here is my conclusion on this product having used it for the past 2 weeks.

    It looks to me that this PC is for administrative office work and home entertainment.

    If you are not into designing, 3D graphics and advanced web designing ... then it is PERFECT for you.

    I am no too disappointed and will still give it 5 stars, except that we should have been told that it might not be the best for a Graphic or Web Designer where PERFECT colour management is a prerequisite.

    I consulted the Technical support and was told that this LITTLE issue is probably unfixable for the ones already produced.

    Will I buy this if I only needed it for Administrative work and as an Entertainment Hub..?

    YES. It's PERFECT for it.

    But unfortunately for me as a web/graphic designer, the colour management is 'killing me'.

    SO go ahead, buy it if you are not in Graphic designing and 3D imaging and stuff like that.

    Maybe I will leave it for my wife. All she needs a PC for is browsing, music and movies.

  • Hi,

    You guys are not alone. I have the same issue as well. Or I should say,, it is not an issue to them (because they do not think this is an problem). I believed all the 2320 are the same (having the wrong color output). Besides, it is totally pointless to ask the tech guy for the fixing.

    In fact, I even had more problem with the computer I ordered since the beginning of dec 2011. I asked for a replacement becauase other issues and I got my replacement after xmas, what a dissapointed purchasing experience.

    I admit the color is an obvious issue. It does exists on my previous machine as well as the replacement. Especially the red color, it is totally unacceptable.  It has biased my judgement on producing graphic, photo editing, web design, etc. Luckily I am not using this computer for banner design and printing. Sure this kind of over saturation color will fail my work or lose my career because of devering wrong color scheme's product. Besides, I also concern whether the over saturated color will harm my children or my eyes. Shouldn't DELL need to take care of this?

    Hopefully, DELL will have a better technical support team to handle all the terrible issues. Not just replying with a standard answer "No, we can't do it, it was like this when it has finished from the manufacturer".  Sometimes, I suspect,... are they not from the same manufacturer - "DELL" ??



  • Jeff, I asked for a refund since it is obvious it's an issue they cannot fix at the moment. It's quite disappointing that the HP version is PERFECT. I will still wait for the next generation to be produced. If Dell doesn't up it's game on this particular product I will be forced to use my Fisrt HP PC in the next 6 months. Everyone seems to be giving HP all-in-one's 5 stars.

    I went to Best Buy last evening to take a look at the 3 types that HP has and man ... it has ZERO color saturation issues same specs as the DELLwith AMD graphics and Option for NVIDIA graphics for 3D gaming.

  • I posted this in another forum, so please forgive the repost.

    Just got my Inspiron One 2320 a couple of days ago, which I ordered from the Dell Outlet. Was really looking forward to having a new all-in-one device. However, one thing that's been troubling me so far is that the LCD just does not seem that bright. Even when I adjust the brightness all the way, it still seems dim, especially when compared to my old monitor.

    Is this just what's to be expected with TN LCD panels, or could there be something wrong with my "new" 2320?



  • Did you adjust the brightness using the Intel Graphics cpanel on  - Desktop right click to Graphic Options

    or just with the controls on the left side of the monitor?

  • Yes, I did. Unfortunately, it just turns everything white. I went to my local Best Buy tonight, and looked at the floor model 2320 they had there. Has the exact same screen issues as mine. It almost seems like there's a thin layer of plastic over the screen that is dimming/altering the screen color. Of course, the HP Touchsmart next to the 2320 at Best Buy, had a great looking screen. Pretty sure it has to do with the fact that the 2320 has a TN panel. The review of the 2320 on Anandtech confirmed it for me. It's a shame, because I really loved everything else about the 2320, and I got it for a great deal from the outlet. Sigh, looks like it's time to return this thing. Just can't put up with staring at a subpar screen.

  • I had the same problems as everyone on the 2320 refurb. The over satured red is very much a problem if you use photoshop. I tried to adjust the settings, then bought a Spyder. After running calibration, the screen had a yellow tint - so it didn't work either. It took a lot of effort to return it to Dell. I spent over 1 hour on the phone and talked to 8 people....I then went to Sam's and got a dell tower with a seperate monitor and everything is fine. Must be a defective monitor becasue my new computer has the same graphics card and software.

  • Thank you for this post, I have had other problems and have asked for refund. How did you return your system or did they pick it up?

  • They sent me a UPS return label while I was talking to them on the phone......took several weeks for the credit to be issued to my card.

  • They would not acknowledge the problems, did not fix, have not received a return-tag, have called my credit card company who have credited my account, but still have not heard from Del. I have the computer boxed and ready to ship back.