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Hdmi Port not working ?


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Hdmi Port not working ?

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Hi All, I have a INSPIRON 560S and I have connected this via HDMI to my tv.

But the TV screen is blank (also no audio)

My PC monitor works fine but no ouput from the hdmi ?

any help much apprciated.

Kind regards......John

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  • Make sure to switch to the correct HDMI input on the tv. Open your Display settings on the computer and select the external monitor. Right click on your desktop, select Personalize, Display and then Change Display Settings. You can select Extend my monitor or Duplicate. Do not use any converter cables. Use HDMI to HDMI. Your computer monitor should be connected to the vga port. Windows Help has more info about connecting a TV.

  • Thanks Mary, When I check thr display settings there is no option for external monitor.

    Also when I click detect another display is not detected ?