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Computer won't connect with keyboard


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Computer won't connect with keyboard

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My friend has a dell desktop computer. It had a cntrl +alt+del function that had to be pressed to gain access to the computer and she wanted me to try and help her remove this function. Through forums on the internet I was able to do this. After rebooting, another page opened asking for a password. I tried using her password which no longer works. I then discovered by removing the cmos battery it would wipe the password and that would give us access to the computer.

Since I replaced the cmos battery, the computer cant recognize the usb keyboard. The problem I have now is, the computer doesnt have any PS2 plugs for that type of keyboard, it only has USB slots that don't seem to work now. I can boot the computer up and it recognizes the F1 key but it doesn't recognize any of the other keys, so I'm not able to work in the bios. Pleeeeessee help.


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  • The USB keyboard must be plugged into one of the PC rear USB ports. Try them all.

  • Did all that m8..tried 2 brand new keyboards. Turns out the keyboards I tried weren't compatible for some reason. I tried a different keyboard and it all worked, allowing me to get into the bios and do what had to be done. Thanks for the reply though Chris, really appreciate it.

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    Steve (Wobbsy)