Studio Hybrid 140G And Intel T9400 Processor


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Studio Hybrid 140G And Intel T9400 Processor

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Is there any way to get my Studio Hybrid 140G to recognize an Intel T9400 processor?  The T9400 takes the same socket (AFAICT) as the T6600 processor that comes with the machine, and I'd like to upgrade to the T9400 to take advantage of the higher temperature ceiling (already fried one T6600, would like to replace it with a processor that's a bit more tolerant of higher operating temperatures).

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  • The T9400 was never validated by us in this PC model. Below are the highest Dell OEM (original equipment manufacturer) cpus we validated.
    U520H Penryn Kit, T9500, 2.60GHz, 6MB, 800FSB, C0
    U524H Penryn Kit, T9300, 2.50GHz, 6MB, 800FSB, C0
    U521H Penryn Kit, T8300, 2.40GHz, 3MB, 800FSB, M0

  • Drat -- I guess I should have asked this question before I shelled out the money for the T9400. :-)

    Thanks, btw.  I'll check the specs on the Intel site and get the one that has the highest temperature rating.