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Dell Inspiron One 2305 will not wake up after it goes into sleep mode.


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Dell Inspiron One 2305 will not wake up after it goes into sleep mode.

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I recently purchased a dell Inspiron one 2305 none touch from dell. It is a nice looking computer and fairly speedy but I experienced something really annoying. When this computer goes into sleep mode ( Either automatically or manually ) I can never wake it up by click mouse, typing any keys on keyboard or press power button which is normally showing orange color and blinking slowly. I am wondering if this is hardware design issue or bug from windows 7(never happened on my customized pcs, very interesting.). I had to unplug my computer then plug it back in every time. Do we have a solution for this issue? I had to set up "put computer to sleep option to NONE" and keep telling my friends do not put my computer to sleep and what to do if they accidentally hit the sleep. I have been using dell computers for years, do not tell me down dell tech support.



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  • This is the update of my post regarding the sleep issue. I spent a night playing around and trying to figure out what caused this problem, so far I found out that in advanced power option and under harddrive the factory default setting is turn off harddrive in 20 minutes. It explained that why I could wake up my computer when It wasn't in sleep mode for long so I changed factory default setting from 20 minutes to never then left my computer on for a night. I successfully woke up this silly computer this morning before work. I guess when harddrive is turned off there is nothing you can do to wake the computer up. Dell needs a new bios to fix it. I will spend some more time on my computer this weekend and confirm that harddrive is the reason for the whole mess.
  • This is a known issue with this model.  No fix known.



    I am so happy I stumbled upon your post.. I have been trying since Christmas to figure that out. I just went through my settings and changed it, so fingers crossed..I am hoping this works. I am leaving this page up on my screen so when I wake up I can post if I was able to "wake" my computer without having to manually turn it off and then back on. I am so excited now! Thank you again!!

  • It worked! Thank you so much!

  • Just put my system into Sleep Mode last night and how I cant get it to boot. It sounds like the hard drive is being accessed but the screen is black. Mouse and Keyboard activity have done nothing. Removed all items from computer. Then removed power cord. Held power button for 30 seconds and restored power. Again it sounds like system is starting but the screen is black! I have had this system repaired and major boards replaced several times; including the inverter board. It was working fine till I put it into sleep mode. Any suggestions to get this fine quality system running?


  • Hi davidmp,

    You will have to change the power management settings of the keyboard and mouse so that it wakes up your computer from sleep. Please follow the steps mentioned below to enable a feature "Allow this device to wake the computer"

    1. Open the charms bar by moving the mouse to right top corner of the screen and in the search box, type ‘Device Manager’, and then, in the list of results, click ‘Device Manager’.
    2. When the device manager pops up, in the list please check for ‘keyboards’ and ‘Mice and other pointing device’.
    3. Click on the arrow mark beside ‘keyboards’ and ‘Mice and other pointing device’.
    3. Right click on the keyboard and mouse installed on your computer.
    4. There you should find the ‘Power management’. Where you will be able to setup "Allow this device to wake the computer"
    5. Click on ‘Ok’ and restart the computer to check for the issue.

    Please let me know if this helps.

  • The power management option is not available for the wireless keyboard and mouse that comes with this model, so this solution is inapplicable.

    Thanks for your effort though. This is a frustrating problem that makes me regret ever buying this machine.

  • Hi Reptar42,

    I’d advise you to update the BIOS, Video card drivers on your computer to check for issue resolution.

    Please follow the link below. When the page comes up please put in the service tag of your computer. Then go ahead and download the drivers, after selecting the operating system installed on your computer, from the link below. Install it in sequence of BIOS, Video card drivers.

    Please let me know if this helps.

  • Hey Ravi

    Hope you are doing well !!

    I got something same issue like this, I have a Dell Inspiron 15R with windows 8, and now after buying, it is upgraded to windows 8.1. I really dont know why the screen doesn't wake-up after automatic or manually sleep. All the other LEDs are working but no movement by the dell pad or either with the keyboard nor with the power button. Every time I have to force reboot/restart it by long press the PW button. This really frustrating coz its only 2 days passed new machine. 

    I tried every thing even the BIOS, mine is A07 & the update is also the same, checked everywhere on google and different forums. could not figure it out. Let me know if you found the fix for this bug.

  • I was able to fix my problem on my system, but I don't remember exactly what fixed it. I was running WIN7 and tried upgrading to WIN8, but it didn't fix the problem and I could not get the right video drivers to make WIN8 work. I clean installed WIN7, but the problem persisted. I think that the solution I came up with was to disable hibernation. My computer sleeps and turns off the hard disk, but does not hibernate. Try changing the hibernation setting in the advanced section of the power management plan in the control panel. Although it is not a "fix", it is a reasonable workaround. I hope this helps!
  • As I think more about my issue, it would randomly happen. Sometimes it would happen while I was in front of it. I believe it was a clean install of non-OEM WIN7, downloading only the drivers and utilities I needed, and adjusting the power settings that cured my PC. I believe the additional crapware and non essential utilities corrupted the OEM Operating System image.
  • OCT 2014 Dell Inspirson 7720 17" Core i7 Win7: When it goes to sleep, either on its own or by selection it won't wake up and gives clicking sound and no screen displays.  If you hold the power button down to reset, and then select boot normal, it boots fine.  Well I played around a lot with different settings on the sleep and hard drive turn off settings and that did not help till figured out that it is sleep that is messing it up.  If I select hibernate it comes out of hibernate just fine.  So I set it to hibernate under the power settings and to never sleep.  And don't hit sleep from the shut down menu; select shut off or hibernate.  I also selected for the hard drive to never shut down on its own since it will when it hibernates.

    BUT you have to wonder why did this start happening out of the blue?  Computers are very frustrating!  This was a top end laptop and I expect it to last longer than 2 years.  That is irritating!  An update screwed it up more than likely you would think.  Just BS to be having to reset up all your software on a new computer whenever they feel like taking a dump.  Solid state is not so solid.

  • Thanks for this reply. I've kept using my ancient shuttle PC for the last 3 years as my replacement Dell drove me nuts with its turning off.