Hey guys!

       I've got a Dell Optiplex 755 desktop. It's a SFF, and I picked it up from the recycling room at my office. It just needed an HD fan, and it runs great. It's got a Core 2 vPro 3.0ghz in it right now, 4mb cache, and 1333-FSB.

It runs great, but I'd like to upgrade it to a slightly faster processor and I'm considering my options. I looked at the fastest Core 2 Duo I could get, and they only offer a 3.33ghz, however, it's something like $350 bucks for the processor.

I started thinking maybe I should see what else there is, and realized that there is also the Core 2 Quad, and the Core 2 Extreeme that both are available with 1333mhz FSB a larger cache, and still PGA775 (or whatever).

I'm curious, but do you guys know if it's possibly to install a Core 2 Quad, or a Core 2 Extreme in my Dell Optiplex 755? This PDF shows on Page 10 that it SHOULD take a Core 2 Quad. http://www.dell.com/downloads/global/products/optix/en/opti_755_techspecs.pdf

Is that the maximum that the BIOS will recognize / support? Can I use a QX6850?


Thanks guys!!!