Dimensions 5150 Windows XP - Can't reset to factory settings


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Dimensions 5150 Windows XP - Can't reset to factory settings

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I wonder if anyone can help, I have a

Dell Dimensions 5150 - Windows XP that has no PC restore point to factory settings.

I purchased this in 06 and twice it had to go back to be fixed.

First was software, second time was hardware failure where the hard-drives had been replaced.


It came with no CD to restore it back to factory settings, F8 does nothing and Ctrl + F11 does not work, I tried to look for the Dell PC Restore in c:\dell\utilities\DSR (also checked D drive). But it's not there. The manual says if this has been deleted I will never be able to restore the operating system to its original state. But I don't have it to begin with. Any suggestions?


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  • PC Restore is started by pressing Ctrl-F11 on XP systems. If the hard drive was replaced, it's possible -likely- that they didn't put a PC Restore partition on the drive.

    You can always do a clean reformat/reinstall of XP but you'll need the Dell Windows Reinstallation CD. This will require you to install the correct hardware drivers, in the right order, but they can be downloaded from support.dell.com.


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  • I was afraid of that but was doing some wishful thinking.

    Thanks for your advice