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Precision T7400 RW199 Motherboard

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Question: does the RW199 motherboard support intel 5000X chipset processors?  The RW199 has the intel 5400 chipset which does officially support chips from the previous generation 5000X (in particular the Xeon 51xx and 53xx CPUs).  My question is more-or-less about Dell's due-diligence with respect to writing complete BIOSes.  Simply put, can I buy an RW199 mobo and put an X5355 in it?  



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  • It supports the following Dell OEM CPUs -
    C268J Harpertown Xeon E5405, 2.00GHz, E0
    FX806 Harpertown Xeon E5405, 2.00GHz, 12M, 1333FSB, 4C
    FR760 Harpertown Xeon L5410, 2.00GHz, 12MB, 1333FSB
    D240J Harpertown Xeon E5410, 2.33GHz, 1333FSB
    FR758 Harpertown Xeon E5410, 2.33GHz, 12M, 1333FSB, G0
    PW207 Harpertown Xeon E5420, 2.50GHz, 12M, 1333FSB, G0
    XX763 Harpertown Xeon L5420, 2.50GHz, 12MB, 1333FSB
    C332J Harpertown Xeon E5420, 2.50GHz, 1333, E0
    D241J Harpertown Xeon E5430, 2.66GHz E0
    RM178 Harpertown Xeon E5430, 2.66GHz, 12MB, 1333FSB, G0
    XX760 Harpertown Xeon E5462, 2.80GHz, 4MB, 1600FSB, G0
    CY940 Harpertown Xeon E5440, 2.83GHz, 12MB, 1333FSB, G0
    WU255 Harpertown Xeon E5450, 3.00GHz, 12MB, 1333FSB, G0
    XX762 Harpertown Xeon X5450, 3.00GHz, 12MB, 1333FSB
    C333J Harpertown Xeon X5450, 3.00GHZ 
    XX761 Harpertown Xeon E5472, 3.00GHz, 4MB
    XX759 Harpertown Xeon X5472, 3.00GHz, 4MB, 1600FSB, G0
    FR757 Harpertown Xeon X5460, 3.10GHz, 12MB, 1333FSB, G0
    XX758 Harpertown Xeon X5482, 3.20GHz, 4MB, 1600FSB, G0
    C334J Harpertown Xeon X5470, 3.30GHz

    CY942 Wolfdale Xeon 80556K, 3.00GHz, L5240, 1333FSB, 6MB, 40W
    X993H Wolfdale Xeon L5240, 3.00GHz, 1333FSB
    J383D Wolfdale Xeon X5260, 3.33GHz, 6MB, 1333FSB
    D246J Wolfdale Xeon X5260, 3.33GHz, 1333FSB
    R600M Wolfdale Xeon X5272, 3.40GHz, 6MB
    J382D Wolfdale Xeon X5272, 3.40GHz, 6MB, 1600FSB

  • Dear Chris, 

    Thanks for the response.  The list above is the list of the 52xx and 54xx xeons, the generation of Xeons which require the intel 5400 chipset.  I am suspicious that this list is not exhaustive, and that it is just the stock answer that Dell's marketing strategy puts out.  Can you confirm that this list is exhaustive?  According to intel the 5400 chipset is compatible with 51xx,52xx,53xx,54xx Xeon chips of all flavors.


  • I just setup a T7400 with Xeon X5355 and it seems to work just fine (Ubuntu 10.04) except for a pesky message from the BIOS stating that the processor is not supported.  As far as I can tell, despite Dell's best efforts to block the modularity of their hardware, this works perfectly well.