I've got a Dell Inspiron 530 that seems to by dying a slow death. A few months ago, it started booting up weird. I would push the power button, it would turn on, then off, then back on, then off, then on the third time it would boot up and off we'd go. All after just pushing the botton once.

Now I push the power button and it doesn the same three on/off thing, but now on the third one nothing happens. I hear the fan, it makes the beep, but nothing comes up on the screen. I have the solid blue light on the power button, I can hear it running, but I don't even get to the Dell logo, windows vista welcome screen, nothing. When this first happened last Friday, Vista did come up, but just my wallpaper, no icons. So I let it run for about an hour, then shut it off. Hoping it woould give me the option to boot up in safe mode or something, but it didn't. Now absolutly nothing comes up on the screen.

I've got a reinstallation disk I've put on the cd drive to try and get something (anything) to come up on the screen but I can't even get that to work.

As you can probably tell I'm not the most tech savy person, I installed a new power supply about a year ago but that's about the extent of my computer knowledge.

Any help anybody has is greatly appreciated. Thank you!