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Front Panel pinout on GX280


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Front Panel pinout on GX280

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I have a GX280 board with HS/F but no Dell case. I see that the FP connector is propietry. I have tried shorting varies pins with a screwdriver but nothing, i have shorted many non-dell board to find the power on pins and have never had a problem, i.e damaged the board.  But still i couldn't find the combo to short it to power it up. It has 2 rows of 17 pins and one pin missing.  From what i have googled the pinout is undocumented and nobody knows the combos individually.


Surely i can't but stuck here, any ideas how i can figure out the pins to short to power up the board?


HOLD ON i just found a diagram on this page,

from what i can make out it could be pins 2,3 and 4, any thoughts?

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  •  joey008

    Sorry, no thoughts, other than try the pinouts.



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  • The GX280 DOES NOT USE the Dell_PC_FRONT_PANEL_PINOUTS described in that web page.

    That WEB page has pinouts for VERY OLD pentium 3 based OEM INTEL motherboards.

    The Front Panel on a GX280 is attached to a front panel board and ribbon cable that is totally different from that kind

    of front panel found on an SE440BX  INTEL OEM motherboard.

    Its not possible to Guess such things.  You didn't say which model you have.

    The on/off button goes from the one ribbon to another ribbon to another board to another ribbon to the motherboard.

    The Grey cable below plugs from the front cover to the I/O board with the USB ports then another ribbon goes from that board to the motherboard.

    The Small Mini Tower is Different from the Small Desktop is different from the Large Tower is Different from the SFF is different from the USFF.

    SFF        SDT                              DT                             SMT           MT

     Small Form-Factor Computer
     Small Desktop Computer
     Desktop Computer
     Small Mini-Tower Computer
     Mini-Tower Computer

    Y1224 - Control Panel for Dell Computers

    On the GX240/260 of the Skydive chassis that is "
    Dell I/ O panel that contains the front audio jack and USB ports - 08UMD"

    08UMD-1 - I/ O panel that contains the front audio jack and USB ...

    Notes: Front I/ O Panel Assembly, SFF/ SD
    Compatible Models for Dell DP/N R3603, U3294 OptiPlex GX280

    Dell OptiPlex GX280 Front I/O Control Panel, Dell R3603
    Notes: CBL, I/ O, 34P, FRT, 4.0
    Compatible Models for Dell DP/N 6N428, 06N428, 006N428

    6N428 - I/ O Panel to System Board USB Cable, 34P, Front, 4.0 for ...

    Dimension 2400C, Dimension 4600C, Dimension 4700C, OptiPlex GX260, Optiplex GX260 SFF,

    OptiPlex GX270, Optiplex GX270 SFF, OptiPlex GX280, OptiPlex GX60

    Notes: PNL, CNTL, W-CBLT
    Compatible Models for Dell DP/N Y1224, 0Y1224, 00Y1224

    Y1224 - Control Panel for Dell Computers - Impact Computers

    Dimension 8400, Optiplex GX270 SMT, OptiPlex GX280, Precision WS370

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