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Inspiron 530 - USB Ports Not Working


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Inspiron 530 - USB Ports Not Working

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I think maybe my USB ports got fried or something. They just all of a sudden quit working. I can plug my phone into a USB port and it will charge it, but will not recognize it. The biggest problem is that I do not have any PS/2 ports on the box and I cannot get my mouse or keyboard to work. I can power the PC on and my desktop and everything comes up, but I can not get into anything because my mouse and keyboard do not work. I tried a brand new keyboard and the same thing happened.

I am able to get into the BIOS and the keyboard works in there, but does not work anywhere else. I looked for an option to turn on or enable USB or Legacy keyboards and nothing is there.

I am running Vista Home Premium 64-bit.

I put a different Had Drive in the PC and it ran just fine with no problems and all USB's worked. So I believe this maybe a driver issue. But how do I get new drivers on the Hard Drive with the broken USB's?


Thank you in advance.

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