Optiplex 760 CPU upgrade - What's the best choice


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Optiplex 760 CPU upgrade - What's the best choice

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I'm thinking of upgrading my CPU in my desktop Optiplex 760.  I currently have a Core 2 duo E5200 and just upgraded from 2GB to 6GB of RAM.  I'm trying to choose between a faster duo (8400/8500/8600) and one of the less expensive quads (8300/9400/9550).  My primary uses are MS Office and lots of web browsing.  I'm looking for more speed, faster response, especially when I have lots of browser windows open.

Also thinking of upgrading from Vista to Windows 7 and wondered if there are any speed or compatibility issues on the 760 running windows 7.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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  • robm1959,

    You can max out at 8GB of 800MHz DDR2 ram (Four 2GB sticks). But Windows 7 will run great with 6GB. My experience with Vista was not great. I run XP on my gaming XPS 730x, XPS 630i and Windows 7 on my work Latitude E series. Before buying another CPU, test Windows 7.

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