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Dell dimension 2400 power supply


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Dell dimension 2400 power supply

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I want to know if I need a Dell OEM power supply since I want to upgrade my Dimension 2400's psu to a ThermalTake 350W in place of the Dell 200W. Is there any proprietary wiring or missing wires I should know about? I don't want my pc to blow up when I install a aftermarket PSU!

Thanks for any help

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  • The ThermalTake should work.

  • Ok, so the Dim2400 does not use a proprietary power supply?

  • I would really doubt it would be so proprietary that another power supply couldnt work.

    a Dimension 2400 is really old though, you may have to make sure that you can find one with IDE Molex connectors on it still instead of all sata.

    I had to replace a PSU in a Dimension 5150 a few weeks ago, and I had to get a little creative in screwing it in. The holes were not in the standard places on the back of the computer case.

    So just keep that in mind, but I would be 90% sure it would work, and if you get it from a big box store like Best Buy, etc. You should be able to return it if it doesn't fit.

  • RandomPerson2400

    Ok, so the Dim2400 does not use a proprietary power supply?

    No, and the case (apart from the front audio connector) is standard micro-ATX.

  • I know, my computer is five years old (made September 2005) and my new PSU has 7 Molex connectors, 2 SATA, one 20 pin ATX, one ATX12V 4 pin, and 2 floppy.

    Also, its a standerd ATX PSU I'm upgrading to

  • Good. Now I won't have to do any wire splicing or remove wires. THANKS EVERYONE!