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Vostro 230 second monitor DVI-D

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Hi, I bought a Dell Vostro 230 with a card for a second monitor.  the card has a DVI-D plug so I bought a DVI-D to VGA adapeter.  When I plug in the second monitor, It does not recognize.  So I went to Computer Managment and only see one video adaper in the Devise manager.  How do I get the second Display Adapter to recognise?

thanks, James

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  • You need to explain what you mean by a second card. Do you have 2 discrete video cards installed? Or is it one card with 2 ports? Or do you have integrated graphics plus a card? You cannot use a separate video card and integrated graphics at the same time. You need 2 separate cards or one card with 2 video out ports. A separate video card requires the integrated graphics be disabled. 

  • It is an integrated graphics plus a card. 

  • jontra

    When a PCIe x 16 video card is installed, the integrated graphics are disabled.

    For two monitors you need either a video card with two connectors, or buy a VGA splitter, similar to THIS for the intgrated graphics.



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  • The problem you've encountered is that the card for the second monitor is digital-only.  (Thus the DVI-D acronym.  D = Digital.)  The pins for the analog signal that are present on SOME DVI connectors are required for your DVI to VGA adapter to work.  When you look at a DVI connector, there are a large number of pins grouped together, then off to the side are four more pins, separated by spades.  Those four are the analog pins, which are not present on this secondary card.


    You will need a different video card that can support your monitor with its VGA input, be it an add-in card or a USB-attached box.

  • Hi,

    Thank you for your response.  So my current config will not support 2 monitors, or will it if I get a Digital monitor.  Please let me know. 

    also, I specifically ordered the extra video card so that I could have 2 monitors, so I am disappointed in Dell because I paid extra for something that did not do what I needed.


  • I feel your pain.  You could certainly look for a monitor with a digital connection, which shouldn't be hard to find these days.  I have this same setup on my office computer and I'm having a bit of trouble with it.  Brand new machine, Windows 7 Enterprise (32-bit).  At first the setup ran great, but then if Windows tried to put my monitors to sleep they would not wake up.  Finally figured out that it was caused by the monitor with the digital connection.  Pulled my hair out trying to fix it.  The only thing that has helped is leaving the monitor with the digital connection turned off because, now, it doesn't work at all.  (Even if I trade monitors.)  


    I, too, feel that this secondary card is a waste of money.  It's not a true video card in that it is just providing a second connector for the integrated video.  If you can afford it, I would suggest just replacing the card with a real video card.  Depending on your usage you might be able to just get something really basic (aka Cheap.)  I fear I'm heading that route because Dell appears to be clueless.