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What is the Maximum Memroy for an Inspiron 580?


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What is the Maximum Memroy for an Inspiron 580?

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I am confused concerning the maximum  memory for the Inspiron 580.

On the Dell web site, it states 8 GB is the maximum. 

When I run the Dell Support Center software, click the Detailed System Information Tab, under SYSTEM MEMORY, it states Maximum Supported Memory is 16.00 GB.

What is the correct answer?

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  • Gray J, Yes I did.  As I posted above.  Its been running 16GB for about 4 months now. 

    According to control-panel ... system it shows an i5 CPU 650 @ 3.20 GHz with 16GB installed, 15.8GB usable.  64-bit OS.  NOTE: the RAM is non-EEC

    And yes its a Dell Inspiron 580 (per name-plate).  In case it got lost above, I wrote on 12/29/2015 (so you have the price, PN, and source):

    I just powered up with 16 GB in my Dell Inspiron 580.  It has 4 RAM slots now holding 4x of these at $21/each (from ebay): 

      • 4GB DDR3 PC3-12800 1600 MHz 4G DESKTOP MEMORY 240 PIN Non-ECC RAM CL 11 

    I was careful to cross-ref what would fit and how fast it was.  These are faster than they need to be but they were also the lowest cost.  The old ones were DDR3-1333.  So these are faster (doubt that helps the machine go any faster), DDR3-1600 (aka PC3-12800). 

    I've had this i5 PC for about 5 years now.  I had been thinking it was getting old/obsolete, but when shopping its not bad.  So $80 brings me from 6GB to 16GB.

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