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Dell wireless keyboard not working


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Dell wireless keyboard not working

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I have a Dimension 5150 that has a Dell wireless mouse and multimedia keyboard.  The keyboard is not working at all.  I've changed the batteries and re-synched with the receiver and still no luck.  The mouse, which connects through the same receiver, works fine.   Thinking it was the keyboard, I took a basic Dell keyboard from an older system, attached a USB adaptor to its ps2 plug and connected that and it didn't work either.

Since the mouse is working that would eliminate the USB ports as the problem wouldn't it?  Thus making it a software issue?  I did a system restore to an older date and that didn't fix the problem either.

Any ideas???  Thanks!!

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  • Some older PS/2 connector type keyboards do not work with a USB adapter.  I've experienced that myself and I've seen posts on here and other forums about this.

    Does the keyboard work at power on? and just not working in Windows?  It it does not work at power on, I would suspect the keyboard has failed, given the mouse still works and the age of the keyboard, if you bought it the same time as the 5150 (I have a Dimension E510 which is identical to the 5150).

    You could test the keyboard and mouse combo on another PC and see if it works there just to make sure. 

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