Second monitor on an Inspiron One 2305


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Second monitor on an Inspiron One 2305

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Just got my new Inspiron 2305 Athlon 4X, 8GB, 1TB, ATI Radeon 5470 1GB and want to connect a second monitor to it, but the VGA and HDMI ports are inputs not outputs. Can I connect a second monitor to this unti? If so, how?

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  • You can't.  Not without an USB external monitor adapter...

  • Which kind of adapter? My second monitor has a DVI connection.

  • type  "usb graphics adapter" on google

  • will the

    1 "Smart Buy USB Graphics Adapter"


  • Wijll the smart usb graphics adapter do the job?

  • I tried it but it didn't work.

    Said that it only works on HP systems.

    Anyone get any other device to work?  I have a 2305 and would like to have a second monitor.

    I'll get the exact error message and post it here.

  • you can use aUSB monitor, AOC usb monitors are great and low cost

  • Here's a dock to connect 1 or more monitors to your system: