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Dell In-Home Service, National Product Care Company, Inc.

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Has anyone else been by Dell with a "National Product Care Company" Dell Marketing L.P. service plan agreement. I never signed up for this but just got in the mail a notice that I was signed up and am paying $54.00.

It is not a scam and not a secret. All references to that false accusation have been removed.

Go here and read the second paragraph...

Dell sells the following In-Home Service:
Dell In-Home Service provided by Dell Marketing L.P. and, through TWG Innovative Solutions, Inc. (TWGIS), In-Home Service that is provided by National Product Care Company dba Texas National Product Care Company, Inc. (in TX), Service Saver, Incorporated (in AZ, FL, OK, and WI), ServicePlan, Inc. (WA), and National Product Care Company (in remainder of U.S.). Third parties may be used to deliver the in-home service. Availability varies. Other conditions apply.

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  • Hi Swimdaddy1,

    Sorry to hear about that, but I've never heard of this. Who have you called about this?

  • since your never signed up you are not liable. Period. this is just a come on to get you to sign up for it. This is most likely a 3rd party company trying to sell you a warranty policy. And it is most likely not associated with Dell.

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  • Called "India" but they were useless.

  • Hope you are right. It really feels like a violation. Dell should investigate and shut them down. Happy New Year.

  • Yes! I just got the same letter in the mail today. Trying to get an answer from Dell, but it's after hours, so no luck yet. I was charged a dollar more than you were--$55-- for the plan, but I never buy these kinds of service plans, and wouldn't have ordered it since there's already a warranty. Please post here if you've learned anything further. Annoying to have to spend our time dealing with this.


  • I received the same letter today as well.  The funny thing being my protection plan started three weeks before I even received my computer.  I called the customer support number on the letter I received, and reached a company claiming to be Dell.  However, I was put on hold and never spoke with an actual person.  It is concerning though that this company was able to gain access to my personal info persumeably through my Dell order.  I hope they were not able to gain access to my payment info as well.  Either way shame on Dell for knowingly allowing this to go on, or by making inadequate efforts to protect their customers information at time of order.

  • I got the same letter, but addressed to my ex-husband's address, which made me even more concerned.  I agree that even though we aren't liable, it's still upsetting that these people were able to get any information about us at all.  I'll complain to Dell, whether or not it does any good.

  • As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I got that same letter. And, like kriek213 said, the supposed warranty period started BEFORE my computer even arrived. Fortunately, I wasn't charged anything by this company, but as I've been sleuthing, I see that buried in my Dell invoice is a charge for the same $55. It's for "Dell Limited Hardware Warranty Plus In-Home Service after Remote Diagnosis, Initial Year: $55.00." Just above it is another item (included in main price) called "Dell Hardware Limited Warranty, Initial Year." I would never have ordered an extra warranty, especially for the same initial year and for in-house service.

    Not sure why I didn't notice this on the invoice the first time. I'll be interested to know if any of you got the same charge on your invoice. The last thing we all want to deal with is trying to get through to Dell and NPCC. What a hassle. (Do a Google search on NPCC--sounds like a lot of problems with this co.)



  • So I was able to get through to Dell this morning.  It was explained to me National Product Care Company is Dell's "preferred partner" who does all of the repair work on Dell computers if there is a problem within the initial one-year warranty period.  I was told this $54/55 fee was prepaid in the initial purchase price, however I did not see anything on my original invoice.  I was also assured I would not be billed later by this partner company.  I hope this sheds some light on the subject.

  • Hey, that's great! I am actually on hold at this very minute with a Dell chat rep, and it seems he is telling me the same thing. I got no where with two earlier phone calls this morning, but this rep on the chat is very helpful. (Please, oh, please! I don't want to have a hassle at the beginning of my experience with this new computer! Smile )  I'll let you know if I get the same info. Let's hope so!

  • Wait a minute these are new systems? Well that does explain it.  Just like you are finding out Dell uses them to handle your free 1 yr warranty service. Guess they Dropped Bantech...

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  • Yes, mine's a new system. I just finished my chat and here are some additional details from the conversation. Note that he told me you can opt out of the warranty.


    Dell rep: Thank you for waiting as I have checked National Product Care Co, is one of our certified computer technicians. You can get further details regarding them through our technical support team.

    Me: So, then, what are you saying? That the charge is something that's included in every computer purchase? I wonder why Dell puts it as a separate item on my invoice?

    Dell rep: Yes that is right however you will also have the option to opt out of the warranty. We wanted you to know how much the warranty is worth cause some, organizations and customers opts out of the warranty service since they have their own technical people who repairs their computers.

  • I would want to make sure I got whatever warranty I paid for when I bought the system. And also that I was not being charged for something included in the original purchase.

  • Swindaddy,

    Complaining in the forums is fine but not your childish language.

  • I came across this forum because I just ordered a Dell laptop and I too noticed the "Dell Limited Hardware Warranty Plus In-Home Service After Remote Diagnosis, Initial Year, $55.00" charge when I looked at my order details.  I called Dell CS and questioned this charge and I was told that this charge is incorporated into the cost of the Dell product.  I suggested to the rep that this charge should be made known to people before they actually purchase the product.  I was also told by the rep that I can and will get a $55 refund because I do not want this "additional warranty" but that I cannot receive the refund until I actually receive the laptop - I also received an email from the rep to this effect.  Just and FYI for you all.