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Optiplex 780 Chassis/Case plastics

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I have been all over trying to find the part number for the external plastic components on an Optiplex 780 case.  The system is brand new but got bumped and had a corner of the plastic beauty covers broken.  Now it's not so beautiful.  Didn't damage the system or the underlying metals.  I'd like to replace the broken plastic parts, which appears relatively straight forward.

Any gurus with an extended parts list out there?  The on-line stuff isn't that detailed... but does offer me all kinds of 'upgrade' parts... Confused

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  • The best thing to do is contact Dell Spare Parts. Have your Service Tag number handy. They can probably figure out what parts you need, assuming they're available separately from the case itself and give you prices.

     Dell Spare Parts Sales is open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Central Standard Time,  Monday through Friday at 1-800-357-3355.


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  • Red Planet Trading is selling entire Optiplex 780 cases on eBay for reasonable prices. Buying a whole case from them might be cheaper than buying the damaged parts from Dell.