Increase my fan speed


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Increase my fan speed

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My Studio xps 435 is giving me trouble these days. system crashes(bluescreen) when 15~20 mins into 3D games or sometimes using other software. i think it's the overheat problem, since if i open the case, it crash much less frequently. i monitored my system temp. northbridge goes up to 70C, CPU above 60C. at the same time, my CPU fan is runing at 1100 rpm constently, doesn't change at all.  Same for the rear and front fans.

I ran the Dell Diagnostics, found my CPU fan can run up to 4500rpm and no error was detected about the fan.

So my question is:

How does that happen? Can i fix my fan control?

Can I manually adjust my fans speed. (many ppl complain the fans are too loud on this desktop, i found it so quiet, although it CRASHES!)


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  • What video card do you have in your system? There are some utilities that will help control the fans on the video card. IF you have an ATI card you can try ATI Tools. If you have an Nvidia card I would recommend MSI Afterburner to use and setup a  fan profile. 

    Also you can go HERE and GPUz a free utility that will monitor the temps on your graphics card.

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