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Right click does not work in windows 7


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Right click does not work in windows 7

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When I right click a folder or file to get to the drop down window the round device spins but the menu does not appear. Occasionally, it does work but only after a very long wait. The right click functions seems to work in other applications.

 Prior to this I was getting a failure note saying ST Services Stopped Working. This problem seems to have been resolved after I uninstalled the Dell Data Storage application (not the correct word for the program). I did this after a search showed that as a possible solution.

Computer isa one-year old XPS 9000, which seems to be working fine otherwise. This problem showed up two days ago.


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  • As this is a recent problem, the System Restore function would probably resolve the issue.  System Restore can be accessed from Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools.  Select a restore date that is PRIOR to the problem.  System Restore will not delete any user data or e-mails, but any programs installed or uninstalled will have to be redone.

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  • Thanks. Solved problem by uninstalling the Dall Data Safe and all related applications. I had originall done that to resolve an issue referred to as "st services stopped working," and when I looked at that particular procedure I discovered that I had left one of the related apps there. So when it was gone the right click problem went away.


    Again, thanks.