How do I restore my inspiron 580 to factory setting?


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How do I restore my inspiron 580 to factory setting?

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I pressed F8, then selected the Repair your computer from the list. It started loading windows files .... ,then selected keyboard input method, and password. It came up a list:

1. Startup Repair  -- Automatically fix problem that are preventing Windows from start.

2. System Restore -- Restore Windows to an earlier point in time.

3. System Image Recovery -- Recover your computer using a system image you created earlier

4. Windows Memory Diagnostic

5. Command Prompt.

I tried option 2, But it couldn't find restore points, since I didn't have any.

Option 3, I didn't created system image before.

I know there is a recovery partition (which is about 10GB) on the Hard Drive. How can I use this to restore my system to factory setting?

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  • To use that recovery partition you need to boot into windows and use the Dell Datasafe program.  If this is not possible, you need to use your Dell recovery media you created with Datasafe when you purchased the system, Or use the Recover CD/DVD's that came with the system.

    If you have none of these, you will need to call Dell and see if you can purchase them.

  • I don't have Dell Datasafe program installed. So I don't have Dell recovery media created before. There was no reover CD/DVD came with the system, but Dell sent me Windows 7 installation disc instead. I can re-install Win 7, but it has to be an easy way to recover the system.

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    Dell's procedures restoring the PC to it's factory condition are HERE.



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