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(XPS 420) Upgrading from a Nvidia 8800GT to ....?


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(XPS 420) Upgrading from a Nvidia 8800GT to ....?

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Hello there,

I'm finally interested in searching for a new graphics card. I've been searching around for a card that'll fit into the XPS420. I know there are numerous issues with the size of the tower of the XPS and of course the power supply needed.


The budge i'm look at is around £250. I've been looking at the Nvidia 460/470 and the ATI Radion 5870.


Basically, my real question to you guys is: 

  • What's the best graphics card available at the price budge I have?
  • Can this graphics card fit in the current XPS 420 tower (My current graphics card being the 8800GT is roughly - Length: 9.5 inches, Height: Close to 1 inch)
  • What power supply would I need to have to buy in order for it to work?

Having such a slim graphics card to start with, I can't really see how all the new cards such as 4.3 inches, are going to fit in the tower, as the MASSIVE fan is in the way. The length shouldn't be a problem, as i've got about 13 inches of space.


If anyone could give me any information on this, it would be fantastic.


Thanks again,



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  •  c_adams

    The better section to post this in, is the Video forum HERE, this is for Desktop Hardware.



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  • A 5770 might work with current power but the 5870 would require a bigger PSU with 2 Aux power connectors for PCIE.


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  • Yeah I think i've finally decided on a ATI 5870. I think I'll use this PSU.


    It's a 650W Antec

    Would that be a good enough quality one?

    The minimum requirements are 500w for the 5870.

  • Yes.  That PSU would be an excellent choice.  

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