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Precision 690 CPU upgrade help

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I have a Dell PWS 690 that I bought from the Dell Outlet store in Dec 2007. It has the 0DT029 motherboard, Xeon 5110 CPU and BIOS A08. I want to upgrade to dual quad-core CPU's, 5345's.

 However, I have read that despite Dell's sales lingo of supporting quad-core CPU's, there may be some incompatibility for this MB.

So.... does anyone know for sure if this configuration can support the 5345's?

I did a chat with Dell Tech Support today and was not given a clear answer. Yet again I have been less than impressed with the level of knowledge and help available from Dell in relation to the PWS 690. Other, standard PC's they have been very helpful in most cases, but the PWS seems to befuddle them. 


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  • Additional info:


    I have been reading various posts regarding upgrading to 53xx processors on the 690 with DT029 MB, and it seems that it can be done with various work arounds and different BIOS levels.

    Reading through the "Fixes and Enhancements" for the various BIOS updates, I found this on A02:

    1. Added support for Quad-Core Intel(R) Xeon(TM) Processor 5300 series

    So does this mean that people who are running later versions; A03, A04, A05, etc., and are NOT able to run the quad-cores, that Dell monkeyed up the BIOS to remove support for 53xx series CPU's?

  • After a VERY long phone conversation with Dell Precision Workstation Support this morning, I initially came away hopeful, after being told that my 690 has 1333MHz FSB and will accept quad-core CPU's.

    However, I then installed SiSoftware Sandra and it reported my FSB is 4x 266MHz and my Maximum FSB speed is 4x 266MHZ.

    Could that be an error or anomaly due to currently running a 5110, 1.6GHz dual-core Xeon with a FSB of 1066MHz?

    The agent I spoke with was very nice and took a tremendous amount of time to read various items, and stated that Dell PWS Tch Support has a technical notice for PWS 690's that regular tech support may not be aware of, regarding the quad-core support.

    He stated that he convered with several other techs with more experience on the PWS, and they all agreed that this MB supports 53xx CPU's based on my original order info.

    But I am still confused and concerned about Sandra reporting 4x 266MHz.

    I don't want to spend the $$ on quad-core CPU's if I can't use them.

  • I went ahead and took the plunge. This single 5110 is struggling with my LARGE SolidWorks assemblies.

    Found a matched pair of new 5335's on ebay and made an offer on a FD841 heatsink that was accepted.

    Should have the goods next week and we'll see what happens.

  • Hi losttrai,

    How did the dual 5335s installation go?

  • Smooth as silk. No problems, no issues at all.


    Installed the CPU's, memory, grapgics card on the MB, installed the MB in the case, hooked everthing up and fired it up. Been woking like a dream ever since.

  • Hi losttrail,

    I have a Precision 690 with dual 5610s and also run SW plus am getting into some video editing. It's been six months since your upgrades, how happy are you with your system, and do you happen to know what the fastest processors are that we can run in our machines? The Xeon 5400 series also use the Socket LGA771; I was wondering if your research had turned anything up on them. Any info would be appreciated.

    Here's an interesting chart on cpu performance in multi-socket machines, btw:



  • Question not sure if this is the right place but I just bought a Dell Precision 690 and also wanted to upgrade my CPU but to Dual X5365. My IBM BladeCenter HS21 (8853C4U) runs the same CPU chip(X5365) are these swap-able to the Precision 690