I am having trouble restoring my XPS 420 desktop, Windows Vista Home Premium edition OS, to factory settings; The process will display a " Access to /Tools/dp.sc was denied" message when I attempt to use the Recovery Drive (D:) System Restore tools under normal settings; I've tried F8 while rebooting and I can get to the Advanced Options menu, however when I choose "Repair your computer" and press enter, it just starts windows normally; I've also tried to boot in safe mode from the Advanced Options menu and have tried to access the Recovery Drive (D:) System Restore tools, and I will get an undefined error message prior to completing.


I'm stuck, haven't been able to back-up to a previous restore point or make any progress with anything else.  No disc's came with to restore, just the Vista OS software and driver discs.  If anyone has any useful information regarding this problem I would greatly appreciate your input!