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Dell 6-button mouse (K251D) - side buttons


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Dell 6-button mouse (K251D) - side buttons

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Couldn't find any general forums to post this.


After spending a few hours configuring a new T3500 workstation (Win7-64) am left with a 6-button mouse with no way to set up the 2 side buttons. The trouble is that no where can I find any information on it apart from this Canadian Dell site ( which lists Logitech in the general description which doesn't exactly help.


Mouse ID as follows:    [M/N:M-UAV-DEL8]    [D P/N: K251D]      [P/N: 810-000765]      [PID: LZ952B315JR]


Do any drivers exist for this product or is there a way to configure the side buttons?


Many thanks,





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  • very interested too, since i have more than 20 of this model that i need to configure.... thanks! Big Smile

  • yet nobody knows which driver to install?

  • I have upload a file called to the files section.  This contains a driver that will work with microsoft intellipont and this mouse.  First install intellipoint on your computer.  Then update your driver from your mouse (In the device Manager) with the one in the mouse driver file.  Note:  You must select install from a specifice location, and then Don't search I will choose which driver to install.  Pick the folder that you extracted from the above file.  Reboot your PC.

  • Thanks for that!


    But from that page




    What do we have to select to download the proper microsoft intellipoint software?

  • sorry i found it


  • I downloaded the drivers - looks like 32 bit. I run windows 7 64 bit. I did download intellipoint v7 and v8 64 bit but without the drivers intellipoint doesn't recognize any microsoft mouse on the system.


    Google search gave me this dell url describing the mouse as a logitech mouse -

  • You should have a file called pnt64uw.inf.  Edit  this file in note pad and search for Laser Mouse 6000.  You should find an entry that looks similar to this: HID\Vid_046D&Pid_C063.DeviceDesc="Microsoft USB Laser Mouse 6000 (IntelliPoint)".  Change the line in your file to match the one above and restart your system.  It should then recognize your mouse.

  • does this driver still exist anywhere on the internet?  can't seem to find it.  checked files section and didn't see anything.  

  • Did all you wrote but still doesnt work! Does,nt seems to recognize my mouse1



  • Did everything in here, nothing worked. Ended up installing XMouse (a free application to program mouse buttons) and works like a charm. It's a software, so no driver-based mess ups with it.

    You can get it here:

    When in the main configuration window, just click the button you want to program. The drop-down menu that corresponds to that button will turn from white to yellow, so you know how it's labeled.

    Hope this helps!

  • Can you repost the file?  It is no longer in the files section.  Thanks

  • These side buttons suck so bad. The Xmouse software works, but I wish there were official drivers to turn these side buttons off. Thanks Expo357.