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xps 630i failure to POST when turned on. video BIOS test failure?


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xps 630i failure to POST when turned on. video BIOS test failure?

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my computer is slightly older than 2 years old. This afternoon when I tried to turn it on it would not boot up (worked fine this morning).  Like others who have had issues like this: Power light is white like normal, motherboard light appears normal, power supply LED is green, fans for the computer turn on (including the graphics card).  After a few moments I begin to hear the diagnostic beeping.

Ive done some research about the diagnostic beeps I hear.  There are several in rapid succession; its too fast to really count but I am sure it is 5+.  I have already replaced the CMOS battery with no result.  My next though was the video BIOS test failure.  I read on here that some have had success by replacing their video card.  Is it necessary for the video card to be replaced to test this or will simply taking it out and trying to boot fix the "video BIOS test failure" issue (if that is what it is)?

I am asking this because when I took out the video card I still heard the same beeps.  Im a bit hesitant in going out and purchasing a new video card if actually isnt the issue.  This is why I am wondering if taking out the video card is an appropriate diagnostic.

On another note: I no longer am under warranty and I already paid dells "post warranty" fee to be switched around between different techs for over 2 hours without any resolution (in the process of getting a refund).

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  • You can try and reset the BIOS by taking the battery out for 15 to 20 seconds.  Replace and boot.  If that doesn't work you could borrow a video card from a friend to see if that works.  If neither of these options work then I'm affraid you'll need to replace the motherboard.  One can be found HERE.

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  • It was the video card.  Thanks for the reply.  And to answer part of my question.  Yes a working video card needs to be in place for the beeps to stop, you can't just simply take out the video card.

  • Next time, search these forums before you post. Wink

    Somebody posted exactly the same problem with a 630i just a few days ago.  The solution was the same -replace the video card. And the same observation too -it won't boot without a video card installed. Stick out tongue


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  • Hugo11, your best way to learn if that is what you want is to not just post to be posting but read the various threads that you are interested in or that pertain to your system.  When you post to a thread, many times others assume you are answering the post and then no longer look at it and then the original problem never gets resolved. 

    I have been on this forum since 2002 and when I first started on this forum, I looked at a lot of threads and posts and only posted on threads that I could legitimately help.

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