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Monitor stuck in "Power Save Mode"


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Monitor stuck in "Power Save Mode"

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Whenever I boot up my computer, my Dell S2209W LCD monitor instantly says "Entering Power Save Mode" and goes completely black, and stays that way. The LED power light is amber/yellow instead of white.
I started troubleshooting. I checked all the connections/cables, unplugged all media, switched up the internal harddrives (I thought it might have been the new graphic drivers that i installed recently)
I also thought I might have had a bad monitor cable, so I even went out and bought a brand new SVGA cable.

This monitor is fairly new (a few months!) and I'm wondering what the hell is wrong with it.
When I press the monitor's menu button, it says "There is no signal coming from your computer. Press any key on the keyboard or mouse to wake it up." (ofcourse this does nothing)
I pressed the input button on the monitor and put it on Autodetect, and it says it is detecting "Analog" instead of DVI/Digital. So that must mean it is "seeing" the cable.

This problem started happening slowly over the course of a day. Now it is permanent and won't work at all.

I haven't tried the monitor on a different PC yet, I will be able to tommorow. But for some reason, I really doubt it will work.

Has anyone experienced this problem with a Dell LCD flatscreen?
I honestly don't know what to think. It just seems like it randomly died.

Any suggestions/comments are appreciated

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  • The majority of this problem is the Video in the PC and not the monitor.  It could be the monitor but you won't know which one until you test the monitor on another PC.

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  • Same problem with the old system. Can't figure out there this problem is coming from... Dont think it's the monitor.

    In my system I have also mouse or keyboard stopped responding along with the monitor shut off problem.

    I think the problem is inside the PC somewhere, cant figure out what or why...

  • has anyone figured out this problem - I have the problem of turn on pc and screen has detect (analog Input) entering power save

    and the pc beeps 2 times then again and again - is it the mouse or keyboard that's bad? any help ?


  • Hi Jadno,

    In order to suggest help, we need the model of your Dell desktop and operating system. Also, please tell me how your monitor is connected to the PC (VGA, DVI, etc.).

  • I'm having the same issues with some Dell 19" monitors specifically the E198FPb model. The company I work for still has some Dell machines on Windows XP and some on Windows 7.  The monitor seems to work just great when the machine is still on Windows XP. Aftter it has been upgraded to Windows 7 though, the monitor may exhibit the 'stuck in power-save mode' problem after approximately 3-5 weeks. It will start with once every two weeks, then progress to once a week to once every couple of days. Eventually the problem gets so bad that even unplugging the monitor, waiting 30 minutes and plugging it back into the power cable doesn't work anymore. I am able to take the 'defective monitor' and connect it to a Windows XP machine and it will work flawlessly.

    I've been experiencing this problem for months now with at least 8 systems, and my solution had been to replace the monitor with a newer flatscreen which seems to resolve the issue, although I did have 1 case where even this did not work. I finally had to add a graphics card to the system to get it to behave. I'm not completely convinced that the problem is the monitor; I believe there could be incompatibilities with Windows 7 and the power save features on the mainboard. Of course I can't prove this yet, but I'm surprised that no one has answered this question that was posted over a year ago. I'm sure this has to be a problem with others.

    What has anyone tried to do to fix this issue?

  • Normally this is a problem with the computer, not the monitor. Troubleshooting would involve swapping monitors on the same PC and trying the monitor on different known working PCs. Normally those results point to the problem. If it's specific to the monitor, then the port on the monitor would be the most likely culprit.

  • I am having the same problem with our Dell Inspirion 560 Desktop...going into "Dell Power Save Mode" then the screen goes black. It is not the monitor, because I tried one from another Dell we have that works, and the "Dell Power Save Mode" pops on.

  • Hi Sean1965,

    What you have are the same symptoms. So tell me exactly what's happening and we'll see if we can find the problem.

  • Last night, I took the side panel off the CPU and systematically went through all the plug ins and made sure all the cards were in tight.  The computer is less than a year old, so there wasn't much dust in it.

    I re-plugged it in and started it up.

    It went back to working fine.  Must of been some kind of loose connection.

    We will see how it works today, and in the next month.


  • Ok, stop back if it acts up again.

  • For a mass-produced computer, Dell has the best out there so far.

    I have had 3 Dell Desk Tops over the years. They are workhorses for a good price.

    I have recommended them to at least 3 friends who are also happy with them.

    I would buy another one.

  • My experience with Dell has been very positive. I've bought four desktops and have used two Dell laptops provide by work. I've only ever had three or four components that needed to be replaced.

  • experiencing the same error "Entering Power Save Mode" for a
    Dell 22" monitor and simply changing out the old blue double ended VGA cable and restarting the computer fixed the problem.

    Perhaps it's not the connector on your PC, is not the connector on your monitor but the easiest most common - a cable gone bad. 

    Lots of little computer shops sell these for under 5 bucks in my area, can get them cheap on ebay, can get them from DELL, thrift stores too.  I'd try this first before opening your box and risking ESD damage since most people don't use a wrist strap at home.

    Good luck. 

  • I have a inspirion 570 and as well having the same problem. I connected the HDMI while the VGA was also connected I pray that wasn't the problem. I need the monitor as well as the keyboard and mouse to turn back on. Any suggestions

  • I was having the same problem with the monitor plugged into my PC.  I tested the monitor by plugging it into my laptop and it worked just fine.  Therefore, the problem isn't with the monitor.