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PC won't recognize CD/DVD content on a disc (but will recognize the drive)


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PC won't recognize CD/DVD content on a disc (but will recognize the drive)

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Hang with me while I provide all the background. I've got a Dell Dimension 8400 running Windows XP. A few days ago my PC couldn't recognize my CD/DVD drive, so I deleted the upper and lower filers from the following path:


This didn't fix the problem (stupid me accidentally unplugged the ribbon while installing some more ram), but did cause my mouse and keyboard to no longer be recognized. So brought the PC to Best Buy after talking to a guy there that said he knew what I did and could fix it. Well he did...sort of. In working in the registry, he fixed the keyboard/mouse issue, but two new problems have arisen.

The one for this forum is that if I have a CD or DVD in the drive during a boot (or reboot), the PC will recognize the content. But if I take the disc out and put another disc in, the PC will not recognize the content (unless I leave it in the drive and reboot). So essentially i can only recognize one disc per reboot (assuming I don't take it out). Very weird. I can burn a CD or DVD without any problems using a program like Nero. I brought the PC to Best Buy yesterday and they weren't sure what happened. The tech thought my AVG anti-virus was blocking the content. So removed the program, but that didn't fix the problem. We also tried swapping out the CD/DVD drive itself (it's only a month old, but since I bought the drive at Best Buy, it seemed like an easy thing to do). That didn't help either, but did eliminate the possibility of it being hardware related. 

I'm hesitant to bring it back to BB since I'm not fully confident in their abilities (which obviously differs technician-to-technician).

Any ideas of how to fix this? I have a feeling the answer lies somewhere in the registry, but I could be completely off base.


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