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Precision 390 blinking amber power light


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Precision 390 blinking amber power light

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Guys, my 390 suddenly went down yesterday with a blinking amber light. I searched these forums and guessed it's the PSU, but I'm seeing the same thing with the new PSU.

Is it the motherboard then or could you help diagnose a bit further? Few observations:

  1. If I disconnect the P2 power connector, the PSU and all the fans start up; power light is solid amber; the CPU fan starts and after a couple of seconds begins spinning like crazy
  2. With P2 connected, I've tried with everything removed except the CPU card, one memory stick, and video card - still blinking amber
  3. With P2 connected, if I remove everything (no CPU, memory, or any card), I still see a blinking (not solid as I guess it's supposed to be) amber

I'd appreciate any help you can give!

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  • That sure sounds like the motherboard is bad, since the PSU is good and there isn't anything else.


  • Thanks, that's what I figured as well. I've ordered a new board, will see if that fixes the problem.

  • Turns out it WAS the MB. Replaced it and all is good. For others in the same situation, I had a RAID 5 setup and was worried I might lose the data if I connected the disks into the wrong ports. Looks like you can always replug as necessary if the system doesn't recognize the RAID - just be careful not to get into the RAID configuration at startup (Ctrl+I) and do anything there that'll regret.