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Is there an option to turn off/on the Dell Dock Application?

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Hi Everyone:

I need to turn off the Dell Dock in order for me to be able to download a program from my college so that I can take a test. I am currently taking an online course, and I need to take a test but the program will not proceed until I turn off "Dell Dock." I was considering just uninstalling it, but I dont know if this will do more harm than good.

Can someone please let me know, or if you have been in this same dilema...Thanks



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  • You have to change the Auto Start setting and reboot the computer. The Dock won't load and you can start it manually with a shortcut when you want to. Go to the question mark in the Dock, choose customize the dock, change advanced settings under Dock Behavior, uncheck Run at startup and reboot. You should also look at Unloading the Dock for more options.

    Edit: To turn off temporarily, right click on the Dock and select turn off. It will ask you if you're sure. I would change the settings by using the customize option above instead of this if it's important not to be running at all. Turning it off this way leaves some processes still running in the background.