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Alienware Aurora with ATI 5970 freezing!


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Alienware Aurora with ATI 5970 freezing!

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last week  purcahsed an Alienware Aurora with the ATI 5970 video card. Out of the box it would freeze up all the time so I reinstalled the OS  ( Win 7 home Pro 64 ), I updated the display drivers to ATI Catalyst 10.3 and I disabled the HD sound etc....  Now its not freezing on the desk top but Games still freeze up all the time. I have been looking at some other forums I found out that a bunch of the first realeased 5970 cards were faulty and they would course the pc to freeze up. Now since this card is only been on the market a few months I wonder If I got one of the faulty cards. I know one thing for sure and that is my PC should not be freezing all the time!



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    The better section to post this in, would be the Alienware Club HERE.



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