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Hey everyone, whats up?

 Where can I get a schematic diagram for my DELL motherboard?  Its model ORY007, version yyy,

serial number CN736048BO00UC.




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  • There are NO schematics and for that matter no Logic Diagrams either.  What is in the Dell manual for the particular PC model is all that's available and even some of that is limited such as the Dell Proprietary and undocument front panel connector that is used on many models.

    According to what I find doing a google search this is an Inspiron 530.  HERE 

    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

    is the Dell manual for this model.


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  • Okay thanks.


  • Unfortunately, there is still no answer to this basic question. Why are there no schematics available? There never have been AFAICT. However, there IS a company out there, Compal, who is selling them for every Dell model (looks like for every computer model ever made) for $10 to $12.50. I didn't buy one, and I won't leave a link here. Schematics are out there, though.
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