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Disable one video card in XPS 630i


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Disable one video card in XPS 630i

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This question is probably not easy to solve but still need help.

I got one GTX 280 and one Quadro FX4500 installed in my XPS 630i, Bios version is the latest one because I just downloaded and installed from Dell website. For some reason I need to disable my GTX280 and only keep FX4500 to run a application. I found the Bios doesn't have any selection that I can disable graphic card. 

Is there any solution that I don't need to pull out my GTX280? I can not pull out/ put in my GTX280 every time I need to run the application forever..........

Please help!!!



This is my computer:

XPS 630i

CPU: Q9545

Ram: 6G DDR2 6400

Graphic: GTX 280, Quadro FX4500




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  • Well, you can try disabling you video card in the Device Manager, under Display adapters. Just right-click on the one you wish to disable.

    To get to device manager, just right click on Computer/My Computer, click on properties adn look for device manager.