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Computer won't start, loud fans


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Computer won't start, loud fans

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So recently i've been having computer problems. I shut off my computer and it won't start, and the fans get really loud. Usually I just unplug the power cord and turn off my surge protector and restart it and it turns on. Today when I tried that it didn't start again. I Turn it on and the fan gets really loud and thats about it. It is a Studio 540. If I open it just to look inside will that void the three year warranty I have? And is there any way I can fix this?

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  • Can you explain more to me, by what you said that the computer won't start? Is it the power button that you are having trouble with starting the computer? I have a similar problem, just got off the phone with Tech Support and the first thing they wanted me to do was to reinstall the operating system. I fail to see the connection. So now he is sending me troubleshooting stuff. 

    I'm struggling with all this troubleshooting stuff when I think there is an obvious solution to my problem. 




  • I press the button and it sounds as if it is going to start, the lights come on, but the screen remains black as the fans gradually grow louder and louder. Anyone have a fix for this?