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Optiplex 745 supported memory options


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Optiplex 745 supported memory options

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I have an optiplex 745 with 2GB of memory.

I wanted to upgrade, so I used my service tag to find the correct memory for my machine and then I ordered the dell recommended memory for my machine.

I got the memory but the machine won't boot with it installed. I call tech support and they claim that they memory won't work on my machine. I check dell.com, kingston, corsair and they all list 2GB 800Mhz memory for the optiplex 745 but when I read the docs for the 745 (every form factor) it says that it doesn't support 2GB 800Mhz memory. Its weird dell recommends it for my machine and other companies all suggest 2GB 800Mhz for my machine. Anyone get this type of memory to work on this machine? The lady from dell recommended I exchange the 2GB for 2x1GB sticks instead, I only have 32-bit xp so I will only see 3-4GB of memory at the most.

I have the latest bios 2.6.3 installed.

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  • Your machine may not support 1x2GB sticks, you should consider returning it and buying a 2x1GB DDR2 kit.

    The speed 800MHz will not affect you, it will downclock to the right speed.

  • MoopMeep 

    From the Optiplex 745 specifications "NOTE: 2-GB 800-MHz memory modules are not supported", with the exception of the Ultra SFF Optiplex 745, where 2gb modules are supported.

    See HERE 

    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>




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  • I guess part of my problem is the docs contradict themselves.

    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed / replaced from this post by Dell>

    If you click memory specifications then you find out that no model of the 745 supports 2GB 800Mhz. The Ultra SFF doesn't support 800Mhz at all. If I go to dell.com and go to memory selector and type my service tag then it lists 2GB 800Mhz as a valid option. Then if you go to kingston.com or corsair.com (or any memory vendor) and use the memory configuration on those pages, you get 2GB 800Mhz as being a valid option for the optiplex 745. So it appears the docs are wrong BUT I bought 2x2GB dimms and my machine won't boot at all (even with the latest BIOS), so it appears the docs are right but its kinda weird none of these companies realize that this memory doesn't work on an optiplex 745.

  • MoopMeep

    Yep, that seems to be an ongoing problem, with documentation.  



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  • I met a weird problem with a 745 arrived today. form desktop.


    It mounts 2x512mb ddr2 memory


    I put inside, in slot 1 and 2 2x256mb DDR2 (that fits on a GSX280) and the pc won't boot, with led  1-3 lit.

    i put 2x1gb kingston kvr400d2n3/1g and it doesnt power up.


    Where is the problem?

    I would like to have 2x1gb + 2x256 inside



  • maggiore81 

    Try installing only the default memory and see if the system starts without problems.




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  • Hello

    I have installed the memory that were with the pc, 2x512mb 667 DDR2 and they works.

    2x256 333 doesn't work

    2x1gb 800 doesn't work


    i will install the suggested kingston model (also dell replacement) 2x1gb 667

  • maggiore81 

    Then it would appear that other memory modules are not compatible with your system.

    For memory that's certified to be compatible, go to www.crucial.com and use either Crucial's Scanner Tool, or their Memory Advisor Tool.




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  • FWIW I have a Dell Optiplex 745 Desktop model and have successfully installed two Dell 2GB DDR400 memory modules (installed in the white sockets).

    My system recognizes 4GB of RAM.

    My BIOS is 2.6.4

    Best, Jeff

  • I have a Dell Optiplex 745 Pentium D 3.4MHz Desktop and today I successfully installed four Kingston 2GB 800MHz memory modules. 

    Part number KHX6400D2LLK4/8G, full description:  8GB 800MHz DDR2 Non-ECC Low-Latency CL4 DIMM (Kit of 4), Standard 256M X 64 Non-ECC 800MHz 240-pin Unbuffered DIMM (DDR2, 2.1V, CL4, Gold).  Everything seems to work just find and this was before I updated the BIOS to 2.6.4.  I've now upgraded and everything is still working just fine.

    Just because the documentation says that it's not supported, that doesn't mean that the systerm won't run with it.  Perhaps he didn't make sure it was Non-ECC, Unbuffered or etc.  I viewed the memory in the BIOS and it showed everything correctly and I've been running tons of applications testing to see if the memory fails, no problems yet.

    If you need additional information about my configuration or et cetera, just reply to the post and hopefully we'll get your system beefed up!

    Thanks, Daniel

  • I just put 2 brand new 2gb sticks into my Optiplex 745 and no go. But I discovered that 1 stick in slot 3 or 4 does work! However it will drop your w.e.i. score for the memory down .5 or .6 of a notch because it is not working in dual chanel. Also by looking in the Bios, I discovered that the memory is numbered from 1 being the furthest away from the power supply + I have two of these 2gb sticks working fine in my Dell GX520 . I got quite a fright because I had just replaced 3 swolen capacitors and it seemed like I had damaged the board or something. But I'm using it to write this post with the video onboard graphics working just fine for the first time!! Praise The Lord. John.

  • My system is still screaming fast over a year later with 8GB in it; sounds like you may have other issues with your system?

    Thanks Daniel

  • Thank you, 1 dead 2gb ram module was the problem! Probly happened during the repair job on the board. Now running happily with 2x2gb!


  • Is your Dell Optiplex 745 the "desktop" version, or the "Small Form" version?

    (my concern is they both look very similar to each other, & what works on the motherboard inside one version may not work for another?)

    For what its worth, here's the obvious differences between the versions of the 745 Dell made:

    1. The "Minitower" has the typical 1/2 tower, vertical style PC case
    2. The "Desktop" looks a lot like the "Small Form" but "Desktop" is a little bit bigger, &  uses a standard size optical drive
    3. The "Small Form"  looks just like the "Desktop, only slightly smaller, but uses a laptop style optical drive
    4. and the "Ultra Small Form Factor" is so small, it's power supply is usually a black box in the power cord.

    I have a Small Form version of the 745 with the 3.4ghz Pentium D, running 64 bit win7 and I'm seriously considering upgrading the memory from 4gb (4sticks @ 1gb ea/667MHz) to 8gb (4 sticks @ 2gb each/800MHz). I've got Bios 2.6.4 in it, (if that matters) and the fsb on the processor shows it's 800MHz,

    ...but  (here we go again) some Dell documentation ( at  http://www.dell.com/downloads/global/products/optix/en/opti_745techspecs.pdf ) says under the title   "modules types supported": "512mb,1gb,or 2gb (800 MHz not available in 2gb DIMM)"   -but it looks like that remark was intended for ALL versions (including yours).

    Was that note showing lack of support because 800MHz wasnt being manufactured in 2gb DIMMS at the time Dell wrote that spec sheet? / Does that note make a difference now that 800MHz 2GB DIMMS are made today?

    So, which version do you have? so we can at least know which one the 2GB/800MHz sticks really are working in?

    Your optiplex 745 desktop seems to accept a full set of four, 2gb, 800MHz DIMMS, is your 745 desktop the small form factor?

    if not, will ALL sizes of the optiplex 745 run your memory configuration as well as yours?

  • I have a Dell 745 SFF with 8GB @ 800Mhz 4 sticks Samsung 2GB 2Rx8 PC2-6400U-666-12 running @ 800Mhz under 64-bit Windows Pro with a Q6700 4core processor and low profile Dell HD 7570 video card, did not have to upgrade cooler the four core runs same wattage as dual cores did. Check Dell 745 performance @ http://browser.primatelabs.com/geekbench2/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=dell+745 My Dell 745 score 7608 http://browser.primatelabs.com/geekbench2/2354268  Bios 2.6.4, 3/1/2010

    Windows performance processor &  memory 7.2 graphics & gaming graphics 6.9 hard drive 5.3  Easy upgrades for great performance.