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Inspiron 530S Wont boot, yellow power light


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Inspiron 530S Wont boot, yellow power light

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A burning smell was coming from my Dell Inspiron 530S. Moments later, it turned off. I hit the power button to turn it on, but it wouldn't.

The fans do not boot up, theres no sound, and the front power light is now a steady yellow light(opposed to the usual blue light). I tried again multiple times later, no luck in starting the system back up.

Is this a power supply issue? Can I order a new one from dell? Is my motherboard or something else fried?

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  • Krystof82

    Does the power supply fan work?

    A Solid Amber power switch LED, indicates a power problem, first open the case and check that all the powercables are properly connected, by removing and reconnecting them and see if it makes a difference,

    No difference, then install a new power supply.

    A Dell replacement TFX PSU can be purchased from either HERE, or from Dell Spare Parts HERE

    You need a 'known' working power supply, to check the motherboard.



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