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SDHC memory card reader in Dell Precision m6400 not working

  • I have a SDHC memory card from my camera that I want to view on my m6400. When I insert the card in the available card reader, nothing happens.  Any suggestions?

  • Hi, rkmurray5103:

    Is this the first time you've tried to read this card, or have you been able to read SDHC cards in your laptop before? Do you have a lower capacity SD card you can test?

  • I have a different model (XPS) but had same problem---all of a sudden computer was slow, and around same time card readers (all) stopped working. 

    Turn off computer.  Unplug power cord.  Wait 10 seconds.  Plug back in.  

    Fixed my problems.  Really glad I tried that before uninstalling, etc.  I'm getting the impression that whatever the problem.....  try a simple unplug first.